Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, I am not originally from here. I came here after I left a uni in Bangi, only to enroll in another uni. That was in 2008.

2013, is my 6th year in this coastal city, I am working and living here. Working further north of the city, and live rather further south. I travel across the city, almost everyday. I never tired of this place. Even the congested traffic is suffocating somehow, but that is another story.

I never actually want to leave this city. So far, at least. I dont know why. Kota Kinabalu is not the best in the country, it cannot offer you everything, and people said the cost of living here is rather expensive than other place in the country. People said, and I agree up to some point, it is hard to find good food in KK. Hard to find good fashion and decent clothing in KK. Above all, the only reason why I should hate KK is the ever interrupted and low quality of internet broadband service. But still.. a self proclaim internet addict, social network gadfly like me is still ok and survive. The internet connection here is a sloth, I admit, but nothing I cannot handle.

Everyday, when I drive by the Likas Bay, it is a constant reminder, I really really like this place. Beach is everywhere, the majestic Mt. Kinabalu is just less than two hours drive to north east, vast paddy field of Kota Belud and mesmerizing Kudat all within reach, and my parents' live just one and half hour by car down south. Daily flight to Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Tawau and Kuala Lumpur is available too.

I do travel around Sabah sometimes, mostly visiting my husband in Lahad Datu and his family, in Sandakan. By air or by road, overall, Sabah is still surprising me with something, something to discover, something to enjoy, something to rediscover, something you want to see repeatedly, but still awe you somehow. Because of work or leisure (mostly work) I went to other places in Malaysia, well.. whenever I slept in my (paid by the company) cosy hotel room, deep down.. hey.. I actually miss KK. I actually believe, the country is not borderless, whatever I have or eat in other place, even it is the same, it isnt the same when I have or eat it in KK.

Cost of living in Kota Bahru is cheaper, Johor Bahru is closer to Universal Studio Singapore, Kuching is fairly a very beautiful city and with great hospitality, Penang offers you the best street food in country, and KL is the godfather of definition of how Malaysian city looks like. But still, home is where heart is. Cliche, but true. Kota Kinabalu is still city of my choice.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah bertemu lagi dengan Bulan Ramadhan. Ramadhan ialah juga bulan annivesary aku sebagai pekerja. Alhamdulillah again, Ramadhan kali ini ialah tahun ke 3. Ramadhan first as a wife. Which is ok. Spent first week of Ramadhan with him. Nice. Very.

Job wise, makin lama kita sedar kita makin tua, priority boleh shifted all the time. Kerja ok setakat ini. On pace kiranya, kecuali side project yang cuma 10 pages, tak bertambah lagi minggu ini. Harap2.. boleh move next page minggu depan.

Bulan ramadhan ni, serius awal sangat mata mengantuk di waktu malam. Siang, ok. Produktiviti macam tu juga.

Banyak juga benda berlaku sekarang, well... hidup perlu diteruskan macam biasa. We learn along the way.

Harap boleh meningkatkan ibadah kepada Allah SWT. Last time pi terawih di masjid ialah pada tahun 2003. Tiada lagi terawih di masjid selepas tahun itu. Tahun ini masih ada peluang, kita tengok lah macam mana. Nak polish ibadah wajib juga.. bukan sekadar mengejar ibadah sunat, tapi yang wajib tak terurus.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Plenty is going on.
My work is trying to kill me
Negative people around is as usual.. being negative and spreading their negativity
I am trying to get whatever task given done.
And I miss my man so much
Seeing him again this weekend.
Insya Allah