Monday, March 18, 2013

Pfft.. Gossips.

I've been busy with work, life and everything in between. Things are happening now.. I dont know whether I like it or hate it.

Recently, I feel uncomfortable with some amount of limelight given to my personal life, especially thing between me and my boyfriend. It's ok to have pet talk or casual chat about me. I dont really mind. But when people keep on digging what I do with my boyfriend, whether we had fight the night before or not, which hotel we had checked in last weekend, what clothes in our closet, all these irritate me somehow.

To certain ugly extend, people try to "decide" on when we suppose to have baby. I always distance myself from making decision for others when it comes to family or their personal life. It isnt my thing, and I dont think it is proper to stick your nose into people's bedroom. I repeat, I dont mind casual talk. But I think there are lines crossed when people start telling me why I should not opt for any contraception method and ACTUALLY start to predict that I am going to have baby by next year. Discussing my relationship isnt enough, now people actually drag sex related topic into it.

I try to be as liberal as I can. But please dont make any decision for me. You are entitle to your opinion. You may say it out loud, but once you said "Hey, you, dont use any contraception method on your early marriage years, just take it naturally. Dont plan your family, if there's baby, take it". My answer for your every suggestion or opinion would be, roll your opinion really tight, lick it really nice. Shove it up on your ass.

I openly admit to people I am dating someone. That's it.. I dont discuss with others how to run this relationship, since such thing shall be discussed between me and partner, not in a boardroom meeting.

On how I am going to live my life.. you may say anything. But dont expect me to follow your suggestion. These gossip mongers need to watch melodi and E! more often to quench their thirst for gossips and those stupid busybody stuff.