Monday, January 21, 2013

Finance Finance Finance

I hate having problem with money, sadly I am now. I purchased a unit of flat.. which cost me almost everything, including my dignity. Yeah.. that hard. It is a no win situation for me, If I dont purchase now, then the inflation will swell, the price will hike, everything will lead to further financial liability.

If I have RM10K now, and decide to wait another 3 years to use it, the value of today RM10K wont be the same in next 3 years. So I have such amount of money, still insufficient to cover for down payment. But I took the unlikely way, I borrowed huge sum of cash from my father. To pay for another 93% of the down payment.

Now I have to pay the 93% amount ASAP.. or at least half of it soon. I am considering to apply for personal loan to cover the huge cash I owe from my father. The plan is I will wait for few months, if any way I manage pay at least 30% of the loan within 3 months, then I put the personal loan application on hold. So far I can 6%. Another 24% is a big task to do.

This will make me feel like shits for another few months for sure. If not forever.

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