Monday, January 21, 2013

Finance Finance Finance

I hate having problem with money, sadly I am now. I purchased a unit of flat.. which cost me almost everything, including my dignity. Yeah.. that hard. It is a no win situation for me, If I dont purchase now, then the inflation will swell, the price will hike, everything will lead to further financial liability.

If I have RM10K now, and decide to wait another 3 years to use it, the value of today RM10K wont be the same in next 3 years. So I have such amount of money, still insufficient to cover for down payment. But I took the unlikely way, I borrowed huge sum of cash from my father. To pay for another 93% of the down payment.

Now I have to pay the 93% amount ASAP.. or at least half of it soon. I am considering to apply for personal loan to cover the huge cash I owe from my father. The plan is I will wait for few months, if any way I manage pay at least 30% of the loan within 3 months, then I put the personal loan application on hold. So far I can 6%. Another 24% is a big task to do.

This will make me feel like shits for another few months for sure. If not forever.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2

I am on attempt to eat healthy food and be happy and healthier. Since end of 2011, I've been trying to reduce my carbs and sugar intake.. so far Alhamdulillah.. but still a lot to improve. Kadang2 ada relapse especially kalau musim cuti, and I still eat McD like twice or thrice a week. Maka memang lah aku minum coca cola disitu.

My weight range from 53-56. Which much better than 2 years ago at my heaviest I hit more than 62kg, or worst 66kg. One of my biggest problem is I dont work out and meat is my kryptonite. Real girl eats beef. And I eat a lot. So need to cut down some meat, and try to obtain protein from nuts and beans. Harap2 lah.

I cant do them all sekali gus, and I dont eat those healthy chic new york style yuppie diet like e.g. strict vegan, paleo diet, makan oat siang malam. etc. I do what I can, I can reduce carbs and maintain (which harder), I can cut down meat intake (harap2 lah, I did when I was 18), and I still park kereta jauh dari pejabat so I can walk. Walaupun bukan laju tapi.. still better than park kereta di depan tangga office.

Hopefully, I can have more time to do some running. I like running btw. On 17 Jan, plannya ialah join opening sukan staff, yang melibatkan sedikit bergerak dan memanjat bukit. End of Jan, Im going to sandakan. So harap2 I can jogging2 with him or walking around RDC.

For me to accept food only as a fuel and nutrition is hard, because I enjoy eating. But that must stop. I've been cheating my body with food since I was 18 (before 18 I eat less crappy delicious food like mcD, and I played sport, running, lontar2 bola). This year, Im going to be 28, must stop the unhealthy eating ni, at least reduce. And back to basic.

p/s: dulu mana masa sekolah mana ada duit mau beli makanan yang sedap dan tidak sihat like fast food and seafood. Makan apa yang dimasak dirumah sahaja.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 1

Happy New Year 2013

Since my life much revolve in universtiy, so time is mostly dictated by semester. So simpan lah azam-azam baru semua for next semester. Semester ni hendak siapkan kerja.

What I really need now is new desk calendar 2013. Senang mau plan conteng sana sini. Or I can buy Galaxy Note 2. We'll see.

Oh ya henpon hilang hari tu. Nanti ada masa aku cerita.