Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 2

I believe jodoh is belong to Allah SWT. Allah can give it to you, as much as it can be taken back. So does life, Allah SWT gives us our soul, and if Allah's will to take back our life, to Him return we shall.

I love my life, people around me, my parents, my family, my boyfriend, his family, my friends. They all matter to me. But Allah knows best, sometimes we can steer the wheel, but sometimes wind blows to the undesirable way. We cant control the the wind.

Last night, a neighbour from kampung literally drop and dead. He was playing futsal, had breathing difficulty. Boom! dead. Just like that. Still in his 30's. This, makes me reflect a bit, and of course makes me feel a bit soft today (hence, this post). And it also a reminder to me, death is real, acknowledging mortality would make us value life. More.

P/s: May Allah forgives the dead, and place him with the believers. Amin.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 1

Beli laptop baru hari ini. Acer for RM1499. Not bad, for the price. But still, I am not comfortable with this Window 8. Nanti boleh lah tulis cerita panjang-panjang macam dulu. My old HP netbook masih boleh pakai, tapi slow, I give it to my sister. Supaya dia boleh guna untuk aktiviti karaoke youtube nya. Harap dia dapat upgrade sikit bagi laju.