Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 2

Things I carry around with me (other than my attitude)
Wing Tip BKI-SDK

finally my own version of fuckyeahwhatsinmybag

Finally I have time to fool around with this photo editing stuff. Something I always want to do but have no time (read: Malas). I have a small nikon toy camera, very basic camera for camwhoring, usually I use my lousy phone camera Nokia E5.

Nothing much these days, other than working and thinking about the boyfriend (ok.. sila puke blood beramai-ramai). I think it is time to get a new laptop, since the current I'm using now is obviously irritating.

I used to love photography, until DSLR fags ruined it by carrying around and abused their expensive cameras and lens by taking photo of their McD's eating girlfriends.

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