Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 3

best buddy!

I am a bit kebaruan with this photo editing thingy. Here some pics taken while we had a quick outing last sunday. This is my fav spot in KK, everyday I use this busy towncentre's road because I like it so much. Especially the ATI building and the clock tower.

I was enjoying my favourite spot in KK, with of course, my favourite guy. Something I always wanted to do, and I did.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 2

Things I carry around with me (other than my attitude)
Wing Tip BKI-SDK

finally my own version of fuckyeahwhatsinmybag

Finally I have time to fool around with this photo editing stuff. Something I always want to do but have no time (read: Malas). I have a small nikon toy camera, very basic camera for camwhoring, usually I use my lousy phone camera Nokia E5.

Nothing much these days, other than working and thinking about the boyfriend (ok.. sila puke blood beramai-ramai). I think it is time to get a new laptop, since the current I'm using now is obviously irritating.

I used to love photography, until DSLR fags ruined it by carrying around and abused their expensive cameras and lens by taking photo of their McD's eating girlfriends.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 1

1. Work

Sibuk sikit bekerja lah kononnya. Semua orang pun sedemikian. I am glad people at work place are very cooperating. Kalau tak memang keras lah kan untuk selesaikan tugasan. So far I value their helps. Itu lah pointnya kena saling memback up.

My kids helped us a lot masa open day. I am proud of them. Their result for 2nd sem is already out. Yeah proud of them, really.

2. Finance

Still struggle to save money. Very. I try to beli rumah, but still tidak berjaya. I already signed untuk buat car loan. Kena buat satu2 lah kan.

I try my very best to pay hutang to my mom. Another RM1.5k left. So must work hard for that. Insya Allah, after clear up hutang to my mom, hutang to my dad is next. It is kind of hard to bayar RM5k withing less than 6 months.

Dalam kepala hotak; saving, saving, saving.

For myself, for future, for family, for us :)

3. Personal

Dapat anak buah baru, si zhafran. So now we have Apple (Fatihah), Moses (Paris), Jesus (Aran).

I love the dude so much. Truly, I am. Walaupun dia tiada Facebook, Twitter, Blog apatah lagi...

p/s: The boyfriend is going to spend his weekend in Jakarta. While me in KK. Sedih, but I have KK. So ok kot?