Monday, January 16, 2012

The Planter's Girlfriend

Razman came last saturday, and brought this with him. So nice of you dude. He remembers, I used to say I hate flower when we were in college. I did, but I don't now. In fact, I was trained as botanist, and still reading and teaching biology and botany for living.

I super like this, I don't know he is that thoughtful. See you next weekend dude, I am so looking forward to spend Chinese new year break with you in your hometown. You are indeed the perfect gardener who keeps the garden in my heart blossoming :)


Jentayu said...

phewitt...kalah love story i :P

theplanter'sgirlfriend said...

hahaha... my mader bawa bunga tu balik kg, sebab takut layu ndak terjaga di putatan.