Monday, January 9, 2012


When I was in Mecca, I saw adult men holding each other's hand. Usually when they did tawaf, or went out of The Grand Mosque after subuh prayer or simply walking in the street. Some of them Pakistani, some of them Bangladeshi, some of them Africans, some of them may be Turkish, Indonesian, even Arabs. And I saw Malaysian too, holding hand during tawaf, in the street, walking to Jamrat in Mina.

When we were walking inside the tunnel on our way to Jamrat in Mina, I saw three Malaysian men, quite old, holding hand. I understand their fear, me too was afraid. After all it was a very crowded tunnel, one way out, one way in, it could turn to death trap (God forbids).

It was like, "Hey dont worry my friend, I got your hand in my hand, we are together, nothing bad will happen to us, not when I am holding your hand". Of course those men didn't utter such words. But that what I felt when I saw them.

Simple little thing, but to me it is beautiful. The true bromance.

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