Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There's always first time for everything

I know I can scream. I know I can shout. I am good at both. But little did I know I can actually shout at him. Of course thru the phone.

So last night was the first official fight. After hmm.. four months? may be, I am not actually sure the real date. I know, more fights to come. I just hope no shouting or screaming involve next time.

We survived the official first fight. We'll be just fine.

But, even after hell bending anger with the intensity of thousand suns and temperature that high enough to melt a pyramid, when the light off, on my dearly beloved bed, I simply know I miss you so much. <<< now you can put this sentence on your pizza, so cheesy! *muntah*

Sorry ok. Hope to see you soon. So more time together before long hiatus.

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