Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve's Apple

I am not a fan of Apple's products. Because I cannot afford to buy any and the technology is too much for me. Anyway, I do find Apple's products are interesting, the customers or fans are following any latest updates religiously and I bet most of them are devotees of their Apples, be it Macbook, OSX or iEverything.

People said Windows is better, Samsung has more value for your money. Yes, may be, but we must admit Apples are cooler. For geek with money.

I think the most revolutionary Apple's product is iPods. There was a time when I almost bought iPod touch. Really really close, and successfully convinced my then best buddy turn boyfriend to buy one for him. So we can FaceTime each other. But being classic me I didnt buy, so didnt him.

Yesterday, Steve Jobs passed away.

And I cannot stop thinking about his 2005 commencement speech. I think I have found what I like the most. Still there are plenty dots to connect and things to think about. But for now, job wise, I like what I am doing and love man I am dating.

Good bye Steve, thanks for those desirable gadgets and for the speech.

p/s: My 26th birthday is next week, so an Apple will be nice. Anyone?

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