Friday, September 2, 2011

Raya rambling

1. Aku sangat tidak suka budak-budak dan ibu bapa mereka.

2. Minimumkan kehadiran ke kenduri. Sebarang jenis kenduri and open houses, because I hate the crowd. The reason I attend such social event because I want to socialize BUT only with those I comfortable, not because of the food. If I want to eat, prefer to eat alone and quiet in front of tv.

3. Masalah duit yang dibincangkan secara merata-rata disana sini. Yeah barang mahal and all. And the ever popular Bila Mau Kahwin? question. Me and friends sort of betting whether the tuan rumah/makcik will ask us the question whenever masuk rumah orang untuk beraya.

4. I love hang out with my close friends. The bunch is awesome, one of us is getting engaged next month. So this could be last raya as orang bujang for her. More and more friends are getting hitched, so in 2-3 years we will celebrate raya separately. No more beraya tak ingat dunia, ketawa macam nak runtuh bumbung rumah orang, minum tergolek sambil mengosongkan balang kuih raya makcik2. Dont worry girls, I'll take care this awesome single life (and single dudes) for you!

5. I drink A LOT, sangat sangat sangat banyak, I could down a bottle of coke like magic. Gotta watch out the sugar uptake :(

6. zilch reading :( tapi lebih banyak belajar main gitar :)

7. Miss the boyfriend so much.

8. My mader's mi kari is heavenly delicious. Super duper sedap. Sangat sangat sangat sangat. Fattening too, but sedap.

9. Banyak benda aku nak beli especially gajet2 yang macam cool to play with (bukan perlu sangat pun). But my mader asked me to buy new bed, the current one is reput and old. The new king size bed will cost me around rm1200. The boyfriend is very supportive and encouraging me to buy the new bed. Like... the gadgets can wait but the bed cannot. Because good bed, good sleep, good health kononnya. Apa lah lu dude, tapi macam betul juga :p

10. Being single is so awesome, great, wonderful, and fun. I LOVE every single detail of it. So vote for remain single for more and more and more many years cheers!

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