Monday, September 12, 2011

Count your blessing

Nafsu Mu: Ambil lah pisau belati dan lukai lah hati hati yang kau sayangi
(Your Profanity: Grab the dagger and punctured the heart of your love ones)

Lalu kamu pun mengambil pisau belati dan melukai hati hati yang kau sayangi.
(You did)

Nafsu Mu: Blame everything and use religion to justify what you just did. It wasn't your fault.

Lalu kamu menggunakan agama untuk mewajarkan kelakuan mu.
(You did)

Aku: Sila pergi mati, like sekarang juga!
(Me: Go to hell, like now, now!)

It's just you stupid, you. The ungrateful bastard who think you have all money and power in the world and you want more. You want more women, faster cars, bigger house. You simply want more because you think you can have more. You walk around like you have titanium encrusted golden penis in your pants. Delusional!

Little did you know, all those money, power, women, and even your children can be taken away from you in half blink of eyes.

You too, someday, will drift into darkness, weak and hopeless, being inferior than others, and realize in your pants is just a pair of saggy old balls. Until someone who really loves you, cares for you, willing to swallow the bitterness for you, pick you up and give you whatever feeling left of being a man.

And still you refuse to be grateful?

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