Friday, September 23, 2011

Buang Tebiat

Buang Tebiat #1

I notice, lately, I like to eat fresh chili. I am not a big fan of spicy food and I seldom eat vegetable and fruits, but now I like fresh chili in my meal, be it in fried noodles, fried rice, chicken dishes, soup, or salad. I like them all. It is sliced nicely, fleshy, peppery but not hot at all, and may be sweet.

I like capsicum too, especially in my chicken salad.

So that's how I like my chili, fleshy, peppery but not hot at all, and may be sweet.

Buang Tebiat #2

I am developing a very rare behaviour, from google, this type of behaviour is called "nesting instinct". It is very common during pregnancy especially when the due date is closer.

Dont worry peeps, I am not an expecting mother (that's why I think this type of behaviour is strange to me).

Usually, I am just a regular person when it comes about household. Not unacceptably messy, not actually a tidy freak. I am fair about tidiness and clean enough. Recently, I always have this kind of urge to fold my clothes, arrange them according to colour, I put all white tees in one pile, dark coloured tees in another, and others in separate pile.

I tidy up my bed, vacuuming, dusting etc etc... more often than before. I cannot stand dirty laundry.

Hormone may be? or aging?

Buang Tebiat #3

I bought A LOT of self care products. Now I have like three or four different types of shower gel/scrub/soap. Lotion, body mist, etc etc etc... I have spent quite a fortune to purchase those.

I forgot when the last time I bought perfume. This weekend, I plan to buy a bottle of scent for me.

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