Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday post

When I was doing my final year back in late 2006 to first quarter of 2007, I liked to read murders and serial killers story. I bought few books on the related matter, as far as I know Jeff Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Charles Manson are the ever popular murderous men. Serial killers encyclopedia is incomplete without their names.

So today, I pick up one of the books and read about IRA man and also about Dahmer. I realize I misplaced the first book about serial killers I ever bought. Try to find it on my family's bookshelf but no avail. I keep on misplacing stuffs especially my books these days. I still yet find two suitcases full with my notes from college, which I may need for my lecture. I really need my Systematics notes.

It is good to read again. I feel so narcoleptic in these recent weeks. I think the most probable cause would be the series of diarrhea, then I dont know, may be the hormone or something. I try to eat well, cut down carbo intake, but I often indulge myself with soda drinks. And I cook. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I cook.

Recently, I read a lot about Evolution, the comparative theories, evolution and thermodynamic, basically anything about evolution. I try to limit my scope from pre Darwinian to Darwinian. I need to put all those things together, stripped them even in the sense of my students can comprehend. I dont read The Origin of Species just for the heck of it. I read it because I teach theory of evolution. I found the notes about evolution in STPM books are often misleading. So dont read those books to study about evolution.

Trust me, stuff I read is really sleep-inducing. I wont blame my students if any of them decide to take a nap during my lecture.


Things are flowery now between me and my guy. We act like 16 years old sometimes, I dont know how long these flowery bits are going to last. I enjoy this, hope so does he. Long distance dating is something your teleco would like you to do, my phone bill explains this claim better than I could.

I like when he told me about the domestic stuffs he did, like laundry, cooking, housekeeping. I know, it sounds silly and trivial, but sound very normal to me. I want a normal relationship, less drama, just ordinary thing. I dont need this thematic love story, or close imitation of a romantic love film e.g. Cinta and Rangga, string of Indonesian romantic films, Nur Kasih etc etc.

May be we dont have this lengthy romantic story to tell. We are not romantic, we dont even celebrate birthdays, we are typical people doing typical things, birthdays are typical too, just we dont do birthdays. But I glad I said hi to him in the lecture hall 8 years ago. Always :)

p/s: Buka-buka internet, Amy Winehouse meniggal, RIP Amy. Thanks for the music.

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