Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Serabut sangat sangat. Apart from easy job of mine, my mind is cluttered with so many things.

1) My car needs to be fixed. AGAIN.
2) I want to buy a new car, but cannot decide when or what kind of car that fit me well.
3) My father is sick. Hopefully everything will be just fine. I urged him to do colonoscopy, the sooner the better.
4) I finally get the formal invitation from the organizer of a seminar, which will be held in Indonesia. BUT the Seminar is next week. I haven't purchase air ticket. With my father's current condition. I dont think I can make it to the seminar.
5) Meet the parents problem. Yeah.. it is harder than I think it is.
6) Just now I have decided, if thing is not working out between us. I'll let him go, and buy more guitars. Bass guitar especially. Fuck it. I dont care.
7) I want to go to Kudat.
8) I am bloody tired. I've been working non stop since January. I took 3 days off in January. That's it. I've been working continuously for half of year.
9) My office is turning into sanctuary. Where I meet less people, and start reading everything I want to read. Magazines, novels, text books, journals, my own notes, blogs, status updates, tweets, wikipedia, online articles. Sometimes I think I spend most of my day reading stuffs. And they pay me to do this.
10) I miss those days, when I was more scientific, easier life, when he was just another guy friend of mine, watch more tv, less drama, and whatever. I dont even watch tv these days.. I am just like any girls, who could be very stupid when liking a guy.

The easiest thing right now is my job. That's it. I like this easy task of mine, even it takes most of my time (if not life). It's ok, now it is good to get busy.

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