Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Hot Splendid Sun

I listen a lot of RHCP recently, and John left the band. I may know nothing about music, but I do know I am not the only one in this planet who like John's music. I have listened to the latest track from RHCP, kinda dance beat to my ears. May be I need sometimes to really love it.

I listen repeatedly to Hey. I think this awesome music is so underrated. It is sound so good, the lyric is so right in place. And I cant stop watching Can't Stop MV. One Minute Sculpture inspired video is so damn brilliant.

Amy Winehouse was dead. I wont pretend like I am her biggest fan. Because I am not. Before the death of Winehouse I have read about John's struggle to fight his addiction, which I thankful he did. So we can continuously enjoy fresh music from him. And then, Amy Winehouse died. I dont want to know why.

Amy Winehouse's voice was so honest. The feeling in her song is so pure. When she passed away, I think it is not just her is gone, but pieces of good music too.


I have read A Thousand of Splendid Suns by Khaleed H. I super like The Color Purple, but I honestly think I like A Thousand of Splendid Suns better. Much much better. I cried twice while reading, first when Mariam was executed, second when Laila reads the letter for Mariam from her father.

Thank you Khaleed for this amazing and beautifully written story.

When I read the novel, I also read article about child brides in Nat Geo magazine. We think our live is hard... well... think again. Imagine, 14 years old, illiterate, married to 40 years old, and a mother of two.

I am thankful and happy I was born in Malaysia.

Marriage can wait, education cannot. (ok, this will ignite kutuks)

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