Wednesday, July 20, 2011

May be I'll delete this later.

Tiba2 mau tulis pasal ini, I dont know why exactly. One thing I dont like about marriage practice in Malaysia is, it is too husband oriented. It is almost all about husband, husband, husband. Aku cakap in Malaysian sense, sebab aku tahu di kawasan seperti Afghanistan, Pakistan, Amerika, Belanda dan tempat2 lain mungkin lebih lain amalanannya.

And how much we emphasize the ownership, the husband owns the wife. His wife, bini orang, isteri dia. Jaga makan minum suami, is a statement that usually induce WTF response from me. Makan minum tanggungjawab suami. Suami memang memiliki isteri, tapi preferable lagi jika dikatakan Suami bertanggungjawab kepada isteri and vice versa.

Tulis lebih2 nanti orang tuduh tak mengikut lunas agama pula kan. I value relationship more than I fancy ownership. And being happy. Ini belum kira lagi orang prepare for wedding more than they prepare themselves for marriage. I always believe the power to say yes is equal to the power to say no. Say whatever you want, decide whatever you like, but do the right thing at the right time.

Marriage is not only something you get, but is also about let something go.

Damn, now I feel like hell!

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