Sunday, July 10, 2011

July: Birthdays, a death, and a wedding.

1. Birthdays: Kamarul, Nel, Razman, and my lil brother are July babies. Happy birthday bros. Wish you guys prosperity and good health. Nel is no longer with us. Al Fatihah, moga kau bahagia di sana. I miss you always. Of course things are different now with Razman. Well... slightly.

2. My nenek saudara passed away last thursday. May Allah SWT bless her soul and place her among the believers. My condolences to her husband and children.

3. My colleague, Hafiz is no longer lelaki bujang kacak (as he said) because now he is happily married, and gladly rub it to all over our faces (and also facebook's wall). Congratulation to you brother, people said, good thing comes to those who wait. You certainly, have been waiting long enough (12 years of relationship!). May marriage brings all excitements and true happiness to both of you. May you have love in one another, walk into new experience hand in hand, enjoy the mystery together for many more years. And stay in love till the end of time.

I hate wedding. Tapi untuk kali ini, sangat excited untuk pergi. Siap pilih2 baju. Bangun pukul 4.30 am on the day, pergh kau... hahaha... sangat sangat mahu pergi. Pengantin cool, aku pula yang excited rabak. Not just me, our friends, Bapa Kumbang pun sama, went to my room asked for what to wear. I couldnt focus at work. I went to the nikah ceremony. It was... how to say it? It was awesome!. I like it.

Tahniah again to Hafiz and his wife.

p/s: trust me I still hate wedding. But I can make exception.

p/s/s: I wont make this post exclusively yours, because I did. In fact there are too many you-related posts lately, even my tumblr is turning into I-Miss-My-Boyfriend weeping page.

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