Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Absurd Randomness

"The most beautiful place in the world is Kudat"
"The second most beautiful place in the world is KK"
"The happiest place in the world?"

"I think by replacing his name with a girl's name would make people suspect me involve in a gay relationship. I am not gay"
"How could people suspect you involve in a gay relationship by only reading your text messages? Hmmm.... Unless..."
"Yeah, unless..."

"Releks bah. Kenapa serius sangat juga ni? Don't you just.... Wait... Don't tell me..."

"Hey... Marriage can wait, education cannot"
"Kau jangan Jill.. Nanti..."
"I don't say that, a novel does"
"Kau, nanti kau...."
"Yeah, I know, now you are keeping the deposit, you just wait to pay me back later kan? BIG TIME!"
"Kau, nanti kau... Aku tulis (a banner) 'Kahwin can wait, education cannot' Gantung di SST "
*Laugh burst*

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