Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ini ialah pos ke 999.

1) Sesiapa belum tengok The Fighter, sila tengok. Selain itu, sudah tengok Prince of Persia and 127 hours. All are syok movies.. Prince of Persia slightly below the par. But Ok. Some movies are worth to not watching (betul kah apa aku tulis ni?)
2) I bought new pair of jeans. Kali terakhir beli pada bulan Ogos 2007, during my graduation. The old pair masih boleh pakai, I love it. I beli more pairs lepas gaji this month :)
3) My old man is getting better. Alhamdullilah. You are awesome Big Boss!
4) My uncle and aunt said, it is better to finish my study before think about marriage. Err... I graduated twice already. Yeah.. 2007 and 2010. TWICE. And still I haven't finish my study. I dont mind about the marriage thing, I guess no matter how hard I study, people still think I shall remain in school.
5) I really need to buy a new car. And go to Kudat.
6) Razman, I miss you so much.
7) I wish I write a better post than this.
8) I have to watch my spending. Yeah.. four figured expenses in less than a month is waaayyyyy too much. I shop like Arab Emir comes out from a dessert with petrodollars to burn.
9) I want to buy a watch. Watches may be.. (hey what happen with watch the spending?)
10) I bought a new ring. It is silver. Fits my right finger ring well. Even told Razman about it. Im happy with my rings. The gold and the silver.

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