Saturday, June 11, 2011

Music and more

I am a little bit melancholic and relatively so into music. I bought Najwa Mahiaddin's Innocent Soul album. If I have to describe this album in one word, REFRESHING!. I like all tracks in the album, Sweet October is my favourite and Got to Go. You know what peeps.. go buy this awesome piece. I dont have cd player, and my netbook is not equipped with cd driver. So far I can only listen to this cd in my car. Thanks to the old cd player.

I was looking for Yuna Zarai's but couldnt find any. I guess her album can only be purchased via online direct order. I dont know, I am a bit conservative when it comes to shopping. I prefer pay everything in cash. Yes, masih wujud orang seperti saya. Once in a while I do swipe my debit card, and always borrow dad's credit card to buy air ticket. Of course I pay him later. So Yuna's albums have to wait.

Another female singer whose voice keeps me company when I drive is Natalie Imbruglia. I always like her, but only listen to White Lilies Island album.

Other songs:

Every teardrop is a waterfall - Coldplay. Super like this one! May be different from their previous works. This one suits me just fine.

Love Story (Taylor Swift) meets Viva la Vida (Coldplay) - New arrangement (thanks to you tube!)

Dancing, Forgiveness, redemption song cover - Elisa.


Take a Picture - Filter

Marry Me (acoustic version) - Train

There was time when I hoped I listened more music. Now I am. See, we often forget to be thankful whenever our small little wish is granted. I dont know why recently I center my emotion into music. I went for karaoke session with people from work last night, it was great and fun. I forgot when the last time I went to karaoke. A lot things happened this week, personally. Work is just fine.

I keep on posting disgusting scribbles? on my tumblr. :p. Ha Ha Ha. Sometimes I feel like 18. Stupid, reckless, and happy. Anyway, this blog too is turning into something that able to induce nasty puke. Right? Bah dont puke on your keyboard ah.

p/s: Someday I will share music/songs I like, books I read, and my favourite lemony drinks with you. Be patient, when the time comes, I'll let you have'em all.

Now playing: Love Story - Taylor Swift.

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