Sunday, May 22, 2011

I miss my then-me so much.

Caution: Content agak merepek mungkin anda akan muntah hijau lepas baca.

I took pics around UMS, the campus is quite beautiful this time of year. The sky is extra blue, the sun is extra hot, and the darling buds are blossoming. Plus I was working from 7am-10pm this week, even came on saturday and public holiday, means more time in campus compare to anywhere else. I needed to find something to amuse me otherwise i would have turned into brain eating zombie. Here some pics.

Yeah my campus has beach, a beautiful one.
This belongs to Legum family I suppose.
after Zohor. I was so tired because berakit di laut pada pukul 1 pm. And my muscle masih sakit mau tukar gear 2 pun susah.

On Sunday, a very good friend of mine who I seldom meet and talk to was kind enough to send his pic. Otherwise I would have tekup muka sendiri dengan bantal sampai petang. And... ok stop mengadu bukan2..
Bring yourself here safely by Friday, I'll fetch you after work. And you may sleep soundly while I drive the car. Dont forget the kemeja and DONT wear baju melayu (even I want you too) because it is just wayyyy to weird. (Damn, am I nagging here?). Ignore the stupid bebel, just come here.

See.. you make me membebel already. I dont like membebel to you, I dont even like talking via phone, I dont know what to say most of the time. But I am good with text. Yes.. very. Text me whenever you want, I would stop my car tepi jalan just to reply.

Damn what did I get my self into?

p/s: nanti beli white tee tu sama2 ah..

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nurul khairunie said...

cantiknya! i love your photos! boleh kah orang luar datang pegi laut sana ums tu? tempting betul tengok your photos.

Jlascanteen said...

laut a.k.a ODEC tu macam boleh saja pun orang luar datang. thanks for love my photos.. first time hahahaha.

Jentayu said...

gambar razman tuuu :O

jlascanteen said...

ia. Not a debut lah.