Monday, May 30, 2011

I always hate the morning after.

I could handle night time like a Pro. I was a night crawler after all, the legend-dary. But I hate the morning after. It is real, sharp like well maintained stainless hunting knife. Or to pretentious extend, it is so subliminal. May be with IQ like mine, it is not for me to comprehend.

I may cheat my brain at night, with helps from good flavoured cough syrup (which also needed for my bad cough). Sleep like a baby with or without my phone in my hand. But I could not lie to my heart whenever I wake up in the morning.

The truth is well revealed, and I know surely I have to swallow my own words and may be my pride too for breakfast.

Of course I feel disgusting, like very, but doesn't mean the truth is less true.

Now Playing: I already miss you- The Kooks.

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