Friday, May 20, 2011

Did I tell you I love my physical qwerty keypad?

I am busy busy. I need that, to dry my energy, hence less merepek thinking. My kepala hotak loves to merepek recently, and it makes me look like zombie during daylight, or like I am demam. I am not really that fit, or tip top punya kesihatan as I work like 16 hours a day this week. Ya, adinda balik pukul 9-10 malam setiap hari minggu ini. Hari ni ada releks sikit sebab hari jumaat.

But sometimes, even when my energy level is almost zero my mind still wanders like naughty hyperactive kid. Worse, all merepeks come with dream version and I feel like I hardly rest even in my sleep.

After several weeks, I have found 2 simple tricks to make me sleep so soundly;

1. A very good friend of mine, ubat batuk. At safe dose, it helps like magic, knock me down almost instantly, hence less merepek thinking.

2. Text therapy. Even it's not working like magic, and sometimes turn into bloody sharp knife, and makes me emo like hell. Still it helps, more or less.

So there are my options, ubat batuk or text therapy. This is why I love my qwerty keypad so much because it is a safer option compare to ubat batuk.


Yes, I am mereng like that.

p/s: kepada yang berkenanan please jangan kutuk, I need to do this entry as I am so entah apa apa right now.
p/s: kadang2 dalam mimpi pun ada text therapy.

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