Monday, May 30, 2011

Cerita bosan orang yang penat.

Semua orang pergi meminang untuk saudara aku tadi, so aku tinggal seorang diri di rumah tadi sehari suntuk. Selain menekup muka dengan bantal setengah hari diatas katil, aku juga membuang masa di facebook. Ke atas bawah (rumah) aku main facebook. I used 3 devices, kompite abang (aku guna sekarang), my netbook, and henpon. Ya, hanya godek facebook saja pun, and of course blogging merepek2.

Weekend yang dipenuhi dengan acara bertunang dan berkahwin kawan2. It is good sebab dapat merepek2 jimba2 dengan kawan-kawan. I know the days of the gang are numbered, it is about time before we are automatically disbanded, the latest casualty is Ma Jud, I think Jamah's turn soon. Others will follow closely. I give us 3 years top.

The bad thing, I spent my precious cuti tidak mengikut plan. Less time with Razman. Ah.. thinking of it makes me want to hantuk my head di keyboard ini. Walaupun nothing new with these hurdles, biasalah tu. I met him on friday with muka half dead, since it was Friday before long weekend for Keamatan break, I was a bit busy with work, traffic was congested like hell. But compare to his difficulties and penat.. I couldnt complain much. My big boss sort of yelled at me on the phone, because I went night outing and I knew that he knew I went out with the most unlikeable figure according to his sense. Ok itu another separate story.

Aku drive balik, just let him sleep lah.. I know he was penat, aku pun penat (I prefer dia tidur when I am driving, Super like actually *insert muka minta penampar here*). Nasib baik ada Datin sebelah, who was equally if not superbly penat. Rush to Ma Jud's party. Did what we do best, being us, loud and all. Of course cam-whoring.

Siap berfoto ditepian pantai lagi. Ada lagi cerita mengada2 yang panjang penuh liku macam drama tv3 selalu pasang time maghrib. I drove him to his family on sunday afternoon. Ahh.. kenot tulis lah itu cerita... Thank you very much to Ma Jud, you saved my ass. Otherwise I would campak this poor dude ditepian jalan. I owe you BIG TIME Ma Jud.

Razman balik tadi. So I bit sedih ya hampoon since I buka mata subuh2 tadi (sikit sahaja sedih, I eat just fine, but need ubat batuk to induce tidur). I always hate the morning after. Anyway a good Datin of mine took beautiful photos.

Pakcik likes the sea. He was a fish himself. He couldnt tahan sampai pergi juga cecah kaki didalam air, nasib baik tidak mandi. I love the beach sahaja. Laut kurang suka.

Now Playing: Seaside -The Kooks.

p/s: Pakai baju melayu... hahahahahahahaha jadi issue.

I always hate the morning after.

I could handle night time like a Pro. I was a night crawler after all, the legend-dary. But I hate the morning after. It is real, sharp like well maintained stainless hunting knife. Or to pretentious extend, it is so subliminal. May be with IQ like mine, it is not for me to comprehend.

I may cheat my brain at night, with helps from good flavoured cough syrup (which also needed for my bad cough). Sleep like a baby with or without my phone in my hand. But I could not lie to my heart whenever I wake up in the morning.

The truth is well revealed, and I know surely I have to swallow my own words and may be my pride too for breakfast.

Of course I feel disgusting, like very, but doesn't mean the truth is less true.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

need to rephrase

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yay holiday!

Finally the long awaited, the most wanted, is here. After 2 crazy weeks, the calendar grants me public holidays. Super love this, even though I have weddings and engagement party to attend. Razman is coming, and I really need these 4 days off.

Selamat pengantin baru dan selamat bertunang kepada kawan-kawan. Cheers!

p/s: approx. 500km. Pity him.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have exam in less than 2 hours

I miss the girls lah pulak. Balik cepat girls, like super sunyi here, just me and the kids. Yeah, mak cik has to stay jaga budak. While you girls having good time runaway from campus. Dengki!

Pak cik baked cake last night. Hey hey cannot wait to text you on lunch hour. Thursday down! Someone is coming to the town.. Ho Ho Ho!

p/s: aku tunggu kau reply lah ni... aisey.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I miss my then-me so much.

Caution: Content agak merepek mungkin anda akan muntah hijau lepas baca.

I took pics around UMS, the campus is quite beautiful this time of year. The sky is extra blue, the sun is extra hot, and the darling buds are blossoming. Plus I was working from 7am-10pm this week, even came on saturday and public holiday, means more time in campus compare to anywhere else. I needed to find something to amuse me otherwise i would have turned into brain eating zombie. Here some pics.

Yeah my campus has beach, a beautiful one.
This belongs to Legum family I suppose.
after Zohor. I was so tired because berakit di laut pada pukul 1 pm. And my muscle masih sakit mau tukar gear 2 pun susah.

On Sunday, a very good friend of mine who I seldom meet and talk to was kind enough to send his pic. Otherwise I would have tekup muka sendiri dengan bantal sampai petang. And... ok stop mengadu bukan2..
Bring yourself here safely by Friday, I'll fetch you after work. And you may sleep soundly while I drive the car. Dont forget the kemeja and DONT wear baju melayu (even I want you too) because it is just wayyyy to weird. (Damn, am I nagging here?). Ignore the stupid bebel, just come here.

See.. you make me membebel already. I dont like membebel to you, I dont even like talking via phone, I dont know what to say most of the time. But I am good with text. Yes.. very. Text me whenever you want, I would stop my car tepi jalan just to reply.

Damn what did I get my self into?

p/s: nanti beli white tee tu sama2 ah..

now playing: If it kills me- Jason Mraz

Friday, May 20, 2011

Did I tell you I love my physical qwerty keypad?

I am busy busy. I need that, to dry my energy, hence less merepek thinking. My kepala hotak loves to merepek recently, and it makes me look like zombie during daylight, or like I am demam. I am not really that fit, or tip top punya kesihatan as I work like 16 hours a day this week. Ya, adinda balik pukul 9-10 malam setiap hari minggu ini. Hari ni ada releks sikit sebab hari jumaat.

But sometimes, even when my energy level is almost zero my mind still wanders like naughty hyperactive kid. Worse, all merepeks come with dream version and I feel like I hardly rest even in my sleep.

After several weeks, I have found 2 simple tricks to make me sleep so soundly;

1. A very good friend of mine, ubat batuk. At safe dose, it helps like magic, knock me down almost instantly, hence less merepek thinking.

2. Text therapy. Even it's not working like magic, and sometimes turn into bloody sharp knife, and makes me emo like hell. Still it helps, more or less.

So there are my options, ubat batuk or text therapy. This is why I love my qwerty keypad so much because it is a safer option compare to ubat batuk.


Yes, I am mereng like that.

p/s: kepada yang berkenanan please jangan kutuk, I need to do this entry as I am so entah apa apa right now.
p/s: kadang2 dalam mimpi pun ada text therapy.

Manukan and Mamutik


I went islands hopping during last Easter. Rasa macam mau lagi :)

p/s: superfluously busy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What should I title this entry?

"What happen if you lost your phone or I lost mine? How we contact each other?"

"I remember your number, as well as remembering you"

p/s: Yet paranoid me secretly call you a bipolar. Sorry.

Monday, May 16, 2011

after working for 16 hours non stop...

i need something sweet. like sugar or honey or cupcakes.
p/s: I used my phone to write this. It's suck. I prefer ordinary keyboard instead :(

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Someone just said the sweetest thing ever.

I need extra insulin now. *faint*

p/s: This is mengada ngada post. Please dont puke.

The real winner is ....*drumroll* Celcom.

1. Being a realistic, I know how fragile and uncertain this thing is. For now let's enjoy what we have and worry less. And yes, distance is a bitch.

2. I like being single. It is so comfortable, and may be too comfy. I'll be just fine. And I shall remain like this for many years to come. Just because you are single doesnt mean you have to feel miserable or sad.. just be positive, and happy.

3. How do we know if a person is matter to us? For me, if I mention their names in my prayers, that justify everything. Walaupun masa bergaduh, as long as I still remember them in my doa, I know deep down these people are matter to me.

4. I like ring. I have one, a gold ring with simple design. I plan to buy another. For whatever reason.. haha.

5. I have this azam or whatever you may call it, that I want to be more independent, like paying my own bills, own my own house, etc etc. Eh.. dont get me wrong, I do pay my own bills now, but I share utility bills and stuff with my siblings. I can say I manage my own finance, but still learning here and there, need some times. And my own house. Not kelam kabut to buy one, just I am planning to buy one.

6. I want to read more science and be a good scientist. I dont care much about position and all, I think my current one is good enough for me, the payment is good, the benefit is fair (Tak lah gempak kah apa.. tapi I am good with it). I have no intention to compete for executive position. Seriously I dont want to. I like science and I like being a scientist, that's it. So dont worry for a competition from me, I dont compete for something I dont even want. I dont know about future, for me as long as they need my service, I am happy to serve. If not, that's another story.

I believe in rezeki, lain orang lain rezekinya. So no need to worry about this person buy this car, or that person is getting married, or siapa sambung belajar dulu siapa kemudian or naik pangkat dulu. It is rezeki. Once you are worried about others' rezeki you could easily trapped in dengki/irihati. Yes, worrying about others' rezeki is borderline dengki. I always tell this to myself. If we work hard enough, sabar, someday we will get what we want. Or may be not what we want, but just what we need, Allah SWT knows better kan?. So dont need to worry that much. Especially dont worry about will I potong your jalan or not.. All I care is my jalan is good, and not disturbing others. Itu saja.. so no need to kacau or worry about me.

Aku tak tahu orang lain, but usually I tumpang gembira if friends are getting married, or new job, or promotion, or buying new car. Tak payah nak beriri hati, ini iri hati dalam konteks jahat ya.. kalau tengok orang maju ke depan and we feel inspired to be better itu lain. Itu bukan dengki itu nak jadi better. Tapi macam biasa kena usaha lebih lah kan...

Nah.. this is what I want, taip banyak kali so people boleh jelas I am not a competition they have to worry about. Kerja wise, I want to be a good scientist. A real scientist with real ilmu sains to share with people especially my students. Pangkat gempak2 pun kalau ilmu nya so-so.. kejar pangkat saja lebih.. what is the point? Ya ada point like pangkat tinggi gaji banyak etc etc.
For me biar lah setimpal pangkat dengan ilmu (my loss, I know).

Personally, I want to be happy, spend more times with love ones, and benefit others. Yang lain2 tu mau lah juga, tapi what is the point kalau tidak happy? clear kan? it is not about cars, houses, money etc etc etc...

7. He is sharing what he reads with me. If you read my previous posts, you'll know what do I think about a man who reads.

8. I have said this before, tapi nak cakap lagi, I like drinking tea.

p/s: Someday I will bancuh some tea for you. We start with black, later boleh lah request yang mengada2 punya ok? :)

p/s/s: My old me is back.. eh? macam sudah.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sesekali perasan Holden Caufield.

1. Lain orang yang bertunang lain orang yang pening. Yang ni serius memang cari penyakit, tiada beban jengkaut dan steamroller digalas. Aku n00b dalam masalah ini, sampai termimpi2 pun ada rasanya, that's why I need extra dose of antihistamine/cough syrup/painkiller, so I can sleep better. Walau hakikat alam semesta, I dont really need ubat for light cough. Sebab tahap cukup sekadar dehem, minum air banyak sikit, dah ok kot, but still I need 'reason' so I can feel less guilty. Damn, am I hypochondriac?

2. Serial financially fuck up whine: Yes, as usual. I 'terbeli' sunglasses, beli karpet kereta sebab yang lama dah makan umur 5 tahun kot, beli wiper baru sebab memang expired, perlu tinted tapi aisey.. off budget. Ngangkung? Part time kot? ntah..

3. Katil aku patah. Katil yang satu lagi pun menunggu masa untuk menyembah lantai. So I need 2 katils. Padahal aku seorang saja pun, katil sampai 2, tamak kan?. Rosak pula masa yang sama. Pening.

4. May-June, Musim orang kawin, biasalah Malaysia ni, temperate ada 4 musim, Malaysia ada lebih dari 4; Musim kahwin, musim banjir, musim kemarau, musim cuti sekolah, musim raya, musim buah buahan, musim pilihanraya.

So kepada yang seangkatan dengan aku, diharap Comrade releks ketika ditanya FAQ oleh saudara mara, kawan2, makciks, semasa menghadiri kenduri kahwin. Sekarang kalau orang tanya aku FAQ, macam mau saja aku hantar fake wedding invitation. Padan muka korang, nak sangat kan?. Logically, kalau aku tau bila, memang sah2 aku dah hantar kan kad, ya idak?

Tahniah kepada pengantin/bakal pengantin/bakal bertunang/bakal ibu ayah.

5. Reading principle of taxonomy. I feel great! Ya.. membaca bagus untuk jiwa anda. Especially Al-Quran. (eh.. apasal tiba2 tertukar mood alim ini?).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Teh Berperisa Ubat Batuk

Dhani. Spit image of his father.

*Entry ini mungkin sejenis confession yang dibuat dalam keadaan under influence.

1. Kepala hotak ku yang sentiasa memikir mikir. Kadang2 terjaga malam, aku suspek masa aku tidur pun hotak aku masih berfikir-fikir.

2. I super love physical qwerty keypad. Thank God.

3. I text like 16 years old recently. Eh.. korang jangan salah sangka, aq B3L0m Lg JAtuH tAH@P M3n@iP M@CaM H@R0M Spt IniEw. Cuma sekarang ini lebih banyak texting dari biasa. Thanks to physical qwerty keypad. And him.

4. We are in limbo. Kan? or we are chickened? or we just too tired sampai terdoze off sedar-sedar sudah subuh?

5. Agak musical sekarang. Ingrid Michealson's and George Harisson's.

p/s: Text lah lagi!
p/s/s: I love Dhani name.

picture: Google (kau fikir mana lagi?)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love it so much so I re-post it.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Now Playing: Ingrid Michealson's

We should keep it this way.
Floating away and being stupid.
No cold feet, no retreat.
Being silly, may be happy.

NotaKaki: May be I should stay offline, switch off my phone, read my books and mags, do a DVD marathon, set another lunch with another younger boy, drink great amount of tea, intoxicate myself with caffeine, punch my own face, buy an expensive guitar that I'll never play, buy a pair of unnecessary shoes, read 2 boxes of journals, and delete this blog.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Party is over.

Yeah, I Guess, the serotonin loaded weeks are almost if not already over. For real or merely camouflage, one thing for sure I had good time myself. Another quick awesome sensation but I guess it is over and kicks me back to reality. Which is good for me.

From now on more focus and of course keep everything on track. Cheers!

p/s: Thank you for all those good wishes.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first Labour's Day.

I feel very (well relatively) musical lately, reflection of my mood I guess. I prefer to listen to them via live streaming (youtube etc..) not downloaded. Below are my playlists.

1. Love Comes to Everyone - George Harisson
2. As My Guitar Gently Weeps - George Harisson
3. Marry Me - Train
4. I D0 - Colby Caillat
5. I Never Leave This Bed - Maroon 5
6. Marry You - Bruno Mars
7. Glee
8. Animal - Neon Trees (prefer Billboard acoustic version)
9. Baby - Justin Bieber cover by Neon Trees
10. Ingrid Michealson's
11. Price Tag - I dont know the original singer but I prefer Maddi Jane's version.

Some songs I prefer the acoustic version of them covered by other singers.

p/s: How dare you come to my dream?. Do it more often... hahahah.. :)