Sunday, April 17, 2011


1. I keep on thinking about this particular someone. It's been a week. I dont feel comfortable but I dont hate it.

2. Anyway on unrelated development, relationship between me and my parents and family is a relationship I value the most. Any other relationships I have in future shall have less impact with the former.

3. Lately I've been so melancholic well may be a little bit.

4. He took 2 days off from work and endured 3 hours bus ride so we could meet each other. Turned out, I was so occupied with works, and left him waiting. Thankfully managed to meet for a quick dinner, and he joined me back to the lodge. Instead of catch up story with him, I left him alone because I was so exhausted and barely opened my eyes. He did call me at 11.30pm but I was already drifted into sweet slumber. The next morning, he left while I was in the shower (yes, enough to make me feel guilty and disgusting at the same time). I talked to him, so we set another meeting sometimes next week.

Throughout 7 years knowing each other, I think, except the first year we only spent like 4 hours a year together. If we are lucky, kadang2 tidak jumpa sampai almost 2 tahun. Usually susah gila nak jumpa and sentiasa ada halangan. Once, he and his friends drove like 6 to 8 hours but we just met for like 1 hour. So last week, when multiple landslides blocked the route, I wasnt surprised, after a while I get used with such gauntlet.

Looking forward to spend long easter weekend with him, may be I'll introduce him to my girls.

And thanks for the gift :) and for kindly wrapped it in a box. So thoughtful. (Unlike me, yang kalau bagi hadiah main campak with plastics shopping tu pun kalau bagi).

p/s: get well soon to bapa, steady my big boss. You'll be just fine. Love you. Pray for you speed recovery!.


lyn_intanazlleyna said...

haha nice story about him...u will fall under 'as expected', juz like v.jentayu did.

Jlascanteen said...

ini yang kongsi-able jak lah tulis sini. I'll stay single for many years to come. As expected.

Jentayu said...

aik, aku lagi kna dragged...haha. they've known each other for years, kami ni lain bha..unexpected..haha XD

lyn_intanazlleyna said...

virtual jentayu punya engagement adalah suatu fenomena..sila terima kenyataan ini.sekian. *wink*

Jlascanteen said...

iya engagement itu sgt mengejutkan. Langsung aku ndak expect. Hehehehe. Apa pun it aint over until the last goodie bag collected.