Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

1. Went to Pulau Manukan and Mamutik.

2. Went to shopping malls (wojib).

3. Went to jimba with friends, since everyone is getting engaged, married the happy bunch mesti berjimba sekerap yang boleh. Before we take separate ways.. for good.

4. Introduced (err.. sort of lah kan..walaupun entah apa2, kelam kabut sangat2 rushing dari island hopping) Razman to the happy bunch. And the bunch made quick assumption, we are student and teacher, or research collaborator. If I knew the theory beforehand I would keep it that way. Sebab it sounds very close. We are friends since like 2003, surprisingly the happy bunch know nothing about him?

5. First time pigi terminal bus Inanam.

6. First time pergi KKTimesSqLalu depan Sabah Institute of Art. Cantik2 artwork mereka. Stop by di butik mothercare? because it is the only shop open kot? Plus he wanted to buy something. I tengok2 saja lah... nothing suit my need or taste or my heart even.


Expect more weddings and engagements. Yeah.. more and more and more. Tahniah to Dibah & Wan, Zati & pasangan atas perkahwinan anda yang bakal menjelang tiba. Wan fulfills promise he made 4 (or 5) years ago to marry Dibah by 2011.

Engagements, only one buat announcement (err... more like Facebook leak). Expect more to come lah kot? eh?

2011 is getting exciting or rather surprising... started pretty well.. so far so ok. Nothing much different, but compare to my roller coaster years in 2008 to first half of 2010, 2011 is much much better.

Travel wise, Started with KL (first time since my graduation), Kudat is always in my wish list, so do Ranau, dua2 sudah pergi for this year, of course the long awaited Sandakan. And another long awaited Islands hopping (especially Manukan). All done!

Sandakan and Island hopping were done within 2 weeks. *pat my own shoulder*.

Sandakan is extra special, sebab all of sudden peluang fell on my lap. Walaupun masa untuk bekerja keras dan terpaksa mengharung long hours bus ride siap landslides drama bagai :).

May be Ranau again. Ya, I like Ranau. And please, another sunrise watching in Kudat. Super love it.

Explore My Own Backyard Project (jalan2 sekitar Sabah) ialah plan selepas graduasi pada tahun 2007. 2011 baru nampak plan ni gerak perlahan2.

Kita bulatkan tekad, kita kukuhkan azam. Cambodia! (2015 or earlier).

p/s: I like the small little thing you said, even may be you didnt mean it the way I wished you to. Keep it simple and open, when the time comes the whole universe will conspire to make it happen. Just like my Explore My Own Backyard Project lah... plan 2007, 2011 baru lah project nampak berkembang sikit.

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