Wednesday, April 27, 2011

180 degrees

Super love this photo. Especially George.

1. Tulis 2-3 ayat tapi delete. Sekarang post lebih kepada whiny atau jiwang. Jiwang post makes me puke.

2. Esok kerja luar lagi.

3. I didnt like texting by using my phone. But recently since everything is flipping 180 degrees or so, I do like texting with my phone. Must be the awesome qwerty keypad or may be because of You.

4. Everything is soooo tunggang langgang, I dont care much about science recently. Kind of creepy, like very creepy. So I decided to read scientific journal again. Just to gain back the momentum.

5. I need to stay focus. Hopefully I wont browse Tupperware catalog anytime soon. Yeah sekarang these petty things I usually (used to) hate agak menarik, the furniture, the bed linen. Homaigod... I minat mau beli cadar? What happen? I think cadar is fine, but once I try to order Tupperware or kitchen utensils, please save me.

And someone keep on asking me about household stuffs. Dude, I serve my food on pinggan percuma beli ubat gigi, or cawan percuma beli milo tin besar. Mind you I even drive whatever car available in the garage. I dont know which type couch suitable for what kind of space. And if you ever ask me about curtain, I pengsan.

I let my sisters bought my kain baju and tudungs, even my stokin. Stokin ok!. I sleep on a bed with a brick (yes batu bata merah buat rumah) supporting the main frame.

And you value my opinion on sofa set? err... are you sure?

6. My magazines are finally arrived. Fuhh~

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