Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was searching for potential new wallet, since mine is quite old and beat up and I found blogs about minimalism instead. Whatever it means, but I think it is quite interesting. Since our obsession towards product is getting worse by minute why not trying to be a minimalist. At least, try.

I like the idea so far, but the line between being a minimalist and a cheap is rather vague to me. But I certainly hate overspending. My value is simple, you shall not spend more than you can earn. So hutang is something you must avoid. Occasional credit card swipe (my father's) is permitted for buying air tickets or travel, but must pay as soon as possible. Sometimes I use my debit card (only twice actually. For shoes!). And cash is my bestfriend.

Accessory is unnecessary. But I do own the following;

2 phones (the old one, I rarely use, just put it in my bag or leave it at home)
A wallet (bought circa 2003, by using someone's money, I do keep cards I seldom use and pics in one extra wallet in my wardrobe. The wallet in is not even mine).
A purse (brand new, since I need it to keep my wallet, phone, and keys in one place, I hate bulging pocket).
2 sling bags (1 for jalan2, 1 for field work)
4 backpacks (1 for work, 1 for field work, 1 I got for free because I purchased a watch, 1 the big one for field work and travel).
2 watches (one is for work, another is for weekend).
4 pairs of shoes (1 for work-buruk already, 1 sneaker, 1 for sport-which I seldom use, 1 rubber shoes for field work).
1 pair of selipar
1 netbook (my laptop is kaput already)
1 mp3 player (yang murah and I only use it when I am travelling)
2 cameras (1 digital murah2 so I can snap whatever I want masa jalan2, 1 analogue for fun. Use my camera phone for merepek daily use)
broadband modem
A gold ring (I am not married, tapi dalam banyak2 perhiasan I like ring the most. This one is a gift)
Variety of brooches
2 pairs of glasses (1 buruk already, but I still keep it as a spare. 1 is for daily use, comes with detachable sunnies)
Books (not many, but I think among all, these are luxury that I have).

See... nothing interesting about stuffs I own. I dont have cool gadget (I do love gadget but choose not to spend my gaji yang tak seberapa on gadgets). I dont have car, still using my father's old proton. I live with my siblings in a house that is provided by our parents (my parents, my brother and his wife, and my aunt live in our primary home di kampung, and we come home for weekend). I have my own room in both houses.

Plan to apply for 1 hassle free credit card, buy my own car (a proton is a good enough, since I only use it to drive around KK and balik kampung, may be occasional road trip), and save as much as I can, since my current contract will be expired on August 2012.

Life is so ok so far. Am I a minimalist? no?

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