Monday, March 21, 2011

lunch hour

Tiada mood sangat ni.

1. Offer letter masih dalam limbo. I dont know where exactly they throw my offer letter. Kepada mereka memang lah surat tu just another document, but for me it is a damn important one. I've been waiting about 3 months or so, dragging from February to March. Geram ok. Hopefully the long awaited letter will reach my desk before 5 today.

And knowing I have to wait. AGAIN. And keep on waiting may be until tomorrow, seriously buat aku bungkam sepanjang hari.

2. Missed the beautiful super moon, since I was super tired the whole week last week. Sometimes when I feel extra fatigue I cant sleep well. Minggu lepas cuma tidur about 4 hours per day, by friday I penat tidak bermaya.

3. I dont know what they put in the sandwich or kebab. But it is damn good, just too much onion. But it's ok, I can eat onion. Ahh.. addicted. Hidup biar sedap.

4. This week is a pay week. Woot!

5. Bought 3 comics last week. Impromptu. 2 collections/scrap books of Baby Blues, my most favourite comic strip. Mula baca Baby Blues masa zaman uni, but since I moved back to KK, sudah tidak baca yang printed version. Sekadar baca online, which tidak feeling macam baca yang dalam surat khabar.

I love the MacPhersons. Rasanya this is closest parenthood experience I can feel (for now?). Since I doubt if I can be a parent myself. By looking how tired and super busy Wanda is, I am happy where I am now.

Another one is an Introduction X Men, pop up version. My niece was so excited to see and play with the book, but I didnt allow her to touch it, I flipped it for her (kedekut kan?). I guess, I was as excited as she was.

My favourite of course Scott Summers, walaupun hero X Men ialah Encik Logan, akan tetapi dia pendek (ceh tak adilnya judgement aku). Pendek pendek Encik Logan pun lebih kuat dari Scott Summers. Tadi ada peeping Marvel website, macam ada beberapa wayang komik akan menerjah pawagam pada musim panas akan datang.

So I spent my weekend with comics, selain dari buat house keeping vaccuming, cleaning, laundry etc etc etc.

Wonder, what kind of comic character I want to be? When Heroes the TV series was the pisang goreng panas- first season (ini berlaku around my graduation, I had submitted my final year project, tu yang terlebih masa melayan Heroes), watak paling aku suka ialah the one yang boleh melihat masa depan and translate the vision in form of paint, If I am not mistaken the character's name was Issac, he was a painter cum narcotic user, lives in NY.

The irony part, I didnt really fond his ability to see future, but his ability to paint, with eyes close or err.. entah? tapi ada putih2. My brother said, one needs not to be a Hero or Mutant or X Man to paint. All you need is real talent.

p/s: I am having Bad Feeling!. Shooo bad feeling shooo..


~jeet~ said...

salam, i found your blog interesting, boleh saya link blog kamu di blog saya bah? ;)

Jlascanteen said...

salam. boleh bah!