Saturday, March 5, 2011

Killer Q.

Anak murid suka tanya soalan kan. Being a teacher, I always try my best to answer their questions. Their questions are varies, from academics to personal, to certain extend, I think they are so innocents and dont know what Google is or for.

Kadang-kadang pening juga, but when I was younger I asked questions too. Cuma masa aku sekolah dulu mana lah aku tahu google, internet apa jaddah semua ini. Biasanya kita tanya guru kan.

I like talk to my student, well sort of to know them a little bit more here and there. Aku lebih suka sembang dengan student macam ni, instead of using text message or email or worse facebook chat.

Biasanya I give straight answer, so my answer wont lead them to next (and more complex) question. They are hormone loaded 18 years old, most of their questions will lead to something that relates to my personal, of which I prefer not to share with them.

Contoh soalan anak murid (AM);

AM: Miss kenapa miss tidak ambil medik
Me: Sebab saya tidak pandai

dah terang terang aku jadi cikgu, lagi mau kenapa aku tidak belajar medik. Hahahahaha. Tidak apa, budak.

AM: Miss, kenapa miss ambil bio(logi)/botani?
Me: I followed the boys

Well partially true.

AM: Miss, bila miss mau kawin?
Me: *Why dont you just kill me

*ok tipu. biasanya aku jawab, saya tidak tahu, or I just laugh.

When I was 18, I didnt fancy marriage or the idea of being married so much. But seems like my students like the idea (especially girls? biasalah). Some people do start early I guess. One of my students, a girl, even asked me about kahwin masa belajar. I was stunned. Yeah, I really was. I was afraid my answer will affect her decision in the future. For those who know me (well), would know my overall err... view on marriage or being married. I am not in the right position to answer such question (Kids, like you, I am just a kid!). And I wont corrupt my kids with my personal view on marriage.

I just returned the question to her. Because she is the one yang nak kahwin (well.. whenever she wants lah, masa belajar, lepas belajar, sebelum konvo, whatever). I said, kahwin whenever you feel or think you want to. And be responsible with your decision. Selebihnya, tiada halangan di pihak saya. Means, whatever your decision is, whenever you want to get married, with whom... I dont think I have right to oppose. Cuma aku tekankan bahagian be responsible tu saja lah.

See.. I prefer these kids ask me about gene mutation or plant physiology (For record, I hate plant physiology even though I read botany, and I am horrible in molecular biology).

Old or young, they like the kahwin topic. Aisey....


lyn_intanazlleyna said...

anak murid d lab: miss,jadi ka plan 2015?awas miss, kalu miss kawen awal

missF: erk....


jla said...

kawin ndak kawin plan 2015 tu masih boleh dibuat

-g. force

lyn_intanazlleyna said...

u arent convincing :p