Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sleepyhead in the office.

I am so sleepy. I try to supress the sleepinness by reading and marking practical reports, but it's only getting worse. So I blog.

Last weekend I've watched The Box. Well cerita ok lah juga. It highlights about relationships we have among us, human. Sometimes, we think we know the persons around us, person who works with us, our neighbours, turn out, we dont really know them.

The Box, cerita pasal sepasang suami isteri dapat kotak misteri berbutang merah. Once your push the button, someone you dont know will die, and you'll get one million dollar tax free cash. So what the hell... just press it, people die all the time anyway, you dont know who will be next. Boom, button pushed. One freaky half burned face in suit shows to your doorstep presents you a briefcase full with paper with Benjamin's face printed on it.

And the drama begins. Ending, James Marsden bunuh Cameron Diaz.

Suka: James Marsden. Cameron Diaz. 1970's. NASA in 1970's. 1970's fahsions. 1970's science and technology.
Tidak Suka: James Marsden and Cameron Diaz in one movie, HATE them. Extra Teresterial thingy.

Tengok juga filem lain but didnt finish.

1. The English Patient
Went to DVD store yesterday, but couldnt find the dvd. This is a must watch. I think I did watch this movie before but the only thing I can vividly remember is the scene when the Sikh was bathing.

2. The Dogs of War
Old movie featuring Christopher Walken. 3 decades ago, this Walken dude was as hot as Zangaro's sun. Same thing, I couldnt find the DVD (Speedy. Duh!). And Walken dude from certain angle looks like err... someone's guy friend.

3. Knowing
Nicholas Cage. I dont feel like watching again. but may be... one fine hell boring sunday afternoon I will.

Di kedai dvd itu, aku jumpa dvd The Color Purple, Shanghai, and Casablanca. The Color Purple, wait until I finish the book. Shanghai and Casablanca, akan dipertimbangkan sebaiknya.

The Color Purple sangat rare lah kot nak jumpa lagi. Adui... may be I'll buy it on my next trip to the holy 1 borneo. Eh.. esok sudah jumaat!.

I read less recently,first because I am constantly tired. mengantuk like ALL. THE. TIME. And I prefer to cooking and cleaning when I am at home not lying on bed and reading.

Hopefully, I dont fuck my finance up this month. Because long Easter weekend is coming (ceh melebih2 macam lah sambut, tapi cuti. I like cuti part), macam mau jalan2. Or shall I finish my books masa cuti easter nanti.... emm... tengok lah.


Anonymous said...

The Box is based on an episode of Twilight Zone and I think Twilight Zone pun ambil dari cerpen Richard Matheson kalau tak silap.

Jlascanteen said...

tidak pernah tonton/baca Twilight Zone. Tapi saya suka filem I am legend. Itu filem based on Matheson's book (kan?)

Anonymous said...

ya, itu pun based on Matheson's novel dan pernah diadaptasi pada tahun '70 dalam filem Omega Man, dibintangi Charlton Heston.