Friday, January 28, 2011

He is immaculately beautiful

I got so many things in my mind. And I prefer not over analyzing and all. I read the journals, they are frustrating. I dont understand most of the contents. I ask around about the mountain that I want to study.. well.. . plan to study, and the answer is depressing me even further. Like you have to walk for 14 km. I dont know if I can do such gauntlet task. Let alone setting up plots, squatting to collect samples, stay there for a week, endure the rough tropical weather. Alone. Yes, all alone. With financial support is nowhere to be seen (yet).

I am scouting for a place to continue my study. No, I am not that eager to back to school, but this is sort of my job. Part of it of course. Deep down I want to stay in the office for another year or two, at least until I finish my 2 years tenure. Relatively speaking, 2 years is not that long. I need to save some money, and go to Cambodia.

Beside I need to buy my own car this year.

About the study, I have already marked few places, mostly in Europe. I dont know if I have the strength to endure all these shits all over again. For the next 18 months or less, I can feel that my back is whipped, to find a place. I have also find potential agency to smooth the logistic necessities (e.g. accommodation, visa, bla bla).

At time like this, I always find my way to divert my attention. I read novel, The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. I love it so far. Just need to find more time to finish it quickly. I try to read faster. I call the novel, Holden Caufield. Every adolescents, men, and women should read this novel. KPM should include the novel in SPM syllabus. If you have kids, buy them this novel. They will like this novel. They will think about this novel when they are all grown up.

The novel is so good, I want to sleep with it. (ok.. hype!).

I have slightly less than half way left to finish. Cant wait to finish it, and read it again, read the review, the discussion, and all. I am into classic nowadays, I want to balik kampung and bring back my own copy of Tale of Two Cities with me. I want to re-read the masterpiece and finish it.

I want these 3 books;
1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. 120 Malay Movies (this one is really menggoda!)
3. Rubbiyat by Omar Khayamm (poetry book yang cekik darah harganya).

Between reading (journals and novel), and napping (sleeping is more likely). I found this immaculately beautiful Male SuperModel. He is beautiful.. they listed him in 50 top male models or something to the same effect. But this particular guy caught my attention the most. Enjoy!.

Ladies and Gents,
Mr. Ben Hill. The SuperModel.

Pics from google!

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