Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend at home

I have several wedding invitations like half of them come from my ex UKM buddies. And some of my friends are queuing to enter the labour room. Ila will be due on March, Zeyla on May, who else? Syera any days from now. More to come, Muna, Nida, Sab. My guy friends with their pregnant wives, Din, Fairuz.

What a booming business. Get married and breed. I am not saying it is bad.

I had a blast with my friends today. All of them are teachers in distress. Uploading some steams, well the usual one. It was fun actually, while keep our eyes on the next table of hot guys (cheerleader effect) and annoyed the rest of the stall with our eardrum breaking sound. One of us is getting engaged soon (officially). So of course the marriage topic is always be our favourite.

Hantaran rate is increasing, or so I heard. Honestly, saving for your wedding is an almost impossible thing to do. I dont want to participate in this mess, well not for now. It is messy, it is difficult, I dont like it.

More and more people are getting married or engaged by next few weeks. This time around, it is difficult to find a wedding free weekend.

I watched Troy last night. It was good. Not as awesome as it used to be. Surprisingly, I could still remember few lines from the movie.

And for the goodness sake, Star World, please stop airing The Top Model shows. It is fucking lame. Like you have America's, Canada's, Britain's, Australia's and who knows what else, and Star World shows them all. I dont think a bunch of skinny, loud, half naked and stupid girls, is something people want to watch like 3 hours straight every night.

TV reality is sooo 2005.

p/s: Sakit Tengkuk.

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