Monday, November 1, 2010

The Remake.

Juggling between teaching, research, and handbook-manual-ed by err... the system (?) is exhausting. I actually like what I do now. Just it is sucking my energy up. I am trying to write my first paper on my own. Of course I am just a co-author, it is tiring. I re-read my own piece of dissertation. And I have found PLENTY of technical mistake (e.g. spacing, coma, grammar, spelling error etc.). OMG. I know my piece is far from perfect. Now, I am trying to extract my own text and remake my own dissertation in much more concise and worth publishing form.

Reading about 2 inches thick text rich document is not a fun thing to do. I have mild back pain, no thanks to curating work. Not just my back is hurt, but my neck too. Today, I started my curating work before 7 am to 10 am. Then, from 10 am - 1 pm I did my writing, Stop for lunch. Went for meeting, 2.30-3.30pm. Then continue with my writing.

Since now is the time of the month, my body is not co-operating well, my mood is swinging like raging bull or hurricane or tropical weather. One minute I am nice, the next minute I am not.

My students will have they mid semester test tomorrow. I dont know what questions will be asked. So, students, just read well, sleep & eat well, say your prayers, and answer the questions properly.

Yesterday, I watched Poltergeist (1982) on HBO. It was awesome. I dont like scary movie, but I like this one. I strongly recommend this film to those who like this kind of genre. Err.. of course I watched it during daylight.

I think I need a very nice vacation for myself (and a luxury gift by my own definition). No need to go to exotic place. Ranau or Sandakan or Labuan (again) is good enough. Or Kudat. ha. ha. ha..*kenyit mata*

BUT, my schedule is stuffed and packed until next week. The exhausting, endless, cutting and pasting work, and I dont know what else. I am tired.

p/s: can you believe it?, even after graduated officially last month, I am still posting an entry tagged under 'dissertation'.

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