Thursday, November 25, 2010

Off to the wild

From 26 Nov-5 Dec. The longest time ever!

I am super busy, running around try to arrange my field equipments and others'. While jotting down a word or two about err... everything under the sun.

Pray for my safety!.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

weekend at home

I have several wedding invitations like half of them come from my ex UKM buddies. And some of my friends are queuing to enter the labour room. Ila will be due on March, Zeyla on May, who else? Syera any days from now. More to come, Muna, Nida, Sab. My guy friends with their pregnant wives, Din, Fairuz.

What a booming business. Get married and breed. I am not saying it is bad.

I had a blast with my friends today. All of them are teachers in distress. Uploading some steams, well the usual one. It was fun actually, while keep our eyes on the next table of hot guys (cheerleader effect) and annoyed the rest of the stall with our eardrum breaking sound. One of us is getting engaged soon (officially). So of course the marriage topic is always be our favourite.

Hantaran rate is increasing, or so I heard. Honestly, saving for your wedding is an almost impossible thing to do. I dont want to participate in this mess, well not for now. It is messy, it is difficult, I dont like it.

More and more people are getting married or engaged by next few weeks. This time around, it is difficult to find a wedding free weekend.

I watched Troy last night. It was good. Not as awesome as it used to be. Surprisingly, I could still remember few lines from the movie.

And for the goodness sake, Star World, please stop airing The Top Model shows. It is fucking lame. Like you have America's, Canada's, Britain's, Australia's and who knows what else, and Star World shows them all. I dont think a bunch of skinny, loud, half naked and stupid girls, is something people want to watch like 3 hours straight every night.

TV reality is sooo 2005.

p/s: Sakit Tengkuk.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Salam AidilAdha 11 zulhijjah

Salam AidilAdha. Cuti hanya sehari, kemarin. Hari ni sudah terkuap kuap di pejabat.

My mind is loaded with million of stuffs. Ok, ekzejeret.

See you when I see you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Isnin datang lagi dengan....

Interbiu: 2 PM.

buku lali sakit.

I know it is not fair to complain about anything right now. Truthfully I am lucky. My field is green. No matter how greener the field on the other side is, my field is still green enough, it is good. Alhamdulilah. Ya Allah SWT, tenangkan lah hatiku.

p/s: Takziah kepada Farah dan keluarga diatas pemergian orang tersayang, di doakan agar tabah dan sabar dalam menghadapi ujian ini. Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama orang orang yang beriman. Kepada saudara muslimin muslimat sedekahkan lah Al Fatihah kepada arwah. Al-Fatihah.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tiada Mood Bekerja. TGIF

Aku ada interview petang isnin minggu depan. The very moment aku dapat berita interview tu aku happy juga. Just few second later, mood aku merudum risau. Last time aku pergi interview I was having hangover. Not because aku tertonggeng minum arak, sebab I couldnt really sleep the night before. The morning after, aku punya lah cuba sedaya upaya untuk appear to be just fine, healthy and normal. Degup hati jantung Tuhan saja yang tahu.

Bila interview was delayed, aku dah risau. Lebih lama aku tunggu, lebih menular effect hangover aku. By the time aku habis interview, I couldnt feel my face dah aku rasa. Tapi tetap bernafsu pergi lunch. Tapau saja, then TIDUR.
To be fair, masa dulu punya interview, aku masih seorang nightcrawler. Paling awal aku tidur pukul 2 pagi. Sekarang, jangan kata nak cecah pukul 12, lepas mandi aku kompom mengantuk gila, often, even sleep in my towel (ndak menyempat mau pakai seluar, baju pakai ok).

Harap2 semua ok. Selamat, sihat, smoother than the smoothest smoothies.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jiwa Jarman

1. Tahniah kepada Kak Diana Green Apple kerana baru dapat newborn. Semoga Kak Diana n baby sihat-sihat selalu.

2. I miss my kids so much. Macam tidak percaya pula. But really.

3. Saya mau bercuti rehat. Tapi entah bila.

4. Tadi isi angin tayar sendiri after like 4 stations. Geram pun ada, lega lagi banyak lah. Tayar kurang angin and botak (tayar belakang).

5. Jika sekarang saya kaya, saya beli tayar banyak2. Tidak payah pikir pasal tayar lagi.

6. Plan nak beli desktop letak di ofis. err.. konon lah ni.

7. Jiwa Jarman

8. Musim orang kawin bakal menjelang tiba. It. Is. Happening.

9. A man who reads is sexy.
A man who writes is voluptuously irresistible. Like DAMMMMNNNNN! *bulging eyes*.

10. Heidi Klum ialah orang Jerman paling seksi yang amat sangat di muka bumi ini. Lelaki Jerman? lupakan. Kecuali jika mereka fasih dalam 4 bahasa dan ke atas, dan salah satunya ialah French.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


My back is fine. I mean better. Rest is the best prescription, right?. My next trip to the wild is sort of disturbing me. First and foremost I am not physically fit, and I am not sure what I am going to do. At first I am thinking about to stick with my current field of study, collect and identify. But my senior (much senior) colleague suggested to me (and others) to find our niche of interest.

I know, molecular biology and myself are not mean for each other. So what option do I have? Plenty. For now, I am thinking about doing ecology or something to do with environment. Although people around me are mainly focusing on chemistry or environmental chemistry, I dont think I can go that far. At least not for now.

I have plenty to read, learn, and design, and those tasks pile up on my already backbreaking curating job. I am tired. But we are aiming for four papers at least. Too ambitious? I prefer term passion. Just we need to put hugeass extra effort and times.

Torn between my past club and my current club, honestly, my team right now is still organizing, I have already received pre mature unnecessary taunt from those up hill-er. You are just participating, while we are organizing ourself, you are just a passenger, we are given the whole boat to be navigated by ourself. Honestly dear, we are not in the same class here. Save your pre mature comments for yourself. And I am sick with pseudo-racist remarks, rude fat jokes, and perasan bagus nak mampos puji diri melambung tinggi haramjaddah sila pergi mati.

As cliche as its sounds, we have our own strength and weakness. Some people are damn good in wild, some people are awesome in lab. Some people are good in both, and some may be suck in everything. Which ever group we fall into, or I fall into, let me be clear, I am playing for the shirt I am wearing.

I gave my heart once to you. You waste no fucking time to break it. You had you chance, you blew it. Now, I am giving back to whom who put trust in me.

I always say to myself, this is business we have chosen. Just have to deal with it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

5th of November

Happy Guy Fawkes' Day!

pic from google

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Remake.

Juggling between teaching, research, and handbook-manual-ed by err... the system (?) is exhausting. I actually like what I do now. Just it is sucking my energy up. I am trying to write my first paper on my own. Of course I am just a co-author, it is tiring. I re-read my own piece of dissertation. And I have found PLENTY of technical mistake (e.g. spacing, coma, grammar, spelling error etc.). OMG. I know my piece is far from perfect. Now, I am trying to extract my own text and remake my own dissertation in much more concise and worth publishing form.

Reading about 2 inches thick text rich document is not a fun thing to do. I have mild back pain, no thanks to curating work. Not just my back is hurt, but my neck too. Today, I started my curating work before 7 am to 10 am. Then, from 10 am - 1 pm I did my writing, Stop for lunch. Went for meeting, 2.30-3.30pm. Then continue with my writing.

Since now is the time of the month, my body is not co-operating well, my mood is swinging like raging bull or hurricane or tropical weather. One minute I am nice, the next minute I am not.

My students will have they mid semester test tomorrow. I dont know what questions will be asked. So, students, just read well, sleep & eat well, say your prayers, and answer the questions properly.

Yesterday, I watched Poltergeist (1982) on HBO. It was awesome. I dont like scary movie, but I like this one. I strongly recommend this film to those who like this kind of genre. Err.. of course I watched it during daylight.

I think I need a very nice vacation for myself (and a luxury gift by my own definition). No need to go to exotic place. Ranau or Sandakan or Labuan (again) is good enough. Or Kudat. ha. ha. ha..*kenyit mata*

BUT, my schedule is stuffed and packed until next week. The exhausting, endless, cutting and pasting work, and I dont know what else. I am tired.

p/s: can you believe it?, even after graduated officially last month, I am still posting an entry tagged under 'dissertation'.