Saturday, October 16, 2010

Times Intoxication

12 hours. Tick. Tock.

"Will you come tomorrow?". Asks the waiter.

"I don't know, but I know you will right?". I wink my eyes. I doubt he looks at them.

"Yes, I'll be here". he slowly pick up my empty glass and put it on the tray.

"So early?". He is trying to make a conversation.

"Yes, I have to go".

Ahh.. Monday. I didn't like Monday. I don't care now. Monday is my bank day. I go to the bank on Monday.

Better call Datin, hopefully she is in town.

Datin and I are old friends. More or less with the same back-ground. Many years ago, we wrote papers together, now piece of our works is sold in drug stores all over the planet. I found the species, she found the compound. Took us 20 years of our youth. Now the rest is history. I am here at the racing ground. She is busy with her boutique and her Datuk.

"Datin, so when can I see you?".

I don't say hello to her. What for?. She knows me well, we don't need compulsory greeting.

"Whenever you want, It's been awhile right? So where are you?" .

"Yeah, me? on my way back from the.... well, you know where...".

"The Stable? Ha. Ha. Ha. You can't stop, can you?".

"Why shall I? I don't have grumpy Datuk at home, not like you".

"You!!!!. So what the story?". Yes, she is a gossip driller.

"Still single, you know that already do you? My blood sugar is fine, my cholesterol level is controllable, my dentist is handsome, Cherokee the Stallion won the 1st prize today. So what your story?".

"Nothing, run the shop, went to Sydney last week. Shopping and all, my blood sugar is slightly off the limit"

"Ease on the Coke, you are not young anymore. Sydney? with Datuk? without Datuk?". I try to reverse the drill on her.

"With Datuk". Short.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha."

"You!!!! So where is your.... escort?". She returns it very well.

"I am flying solo, like the old day. But I want you to meet my stable boy. He is good. Young and risky."

"Stable boy? You can't stop right?".


"So see you on next saturday? don't tell me your Datuk wants to breath mountain air on next saturday".

"I can make it on next saturday. Next saturday is for us, Datuk cans enjoy his mountain air on his own". She gives me instant guarantee.

"See you on saturday, ok, I'll call you again.... when I call you again".

"See you, ease on the stable boy you!!!". She warns me.

"Emmm.. we'll see".

As I finish talk to her, I reach my main gate. Drive straight to the garage. The garage used to be crowded, but I did a clearance few months ago. Get rid off few rides, clean up some stuffs.

Ahhhhh... my empty bedroom. Nothing in there, except my bed.

When I close my eyes, I see darkness. Sigh.

And I return to the present.

I keep my eyes open, my nasty beast is flapping his clawed wings. Nice and slow. I fly around the swamp, to hunt for my prey, The Swamp Thing. My Soldiers of Four Winds are ready, swords, bows and arrows, sharpen bamboos, and brave hearts. They are hungry hunters, they want blood, they want revenge, they want The Swamp Thing.

My trusted Wingman is right beside me, riding his Ikran, arrow-ready bow is in his hand. My Ikran is flying on the other side. My loyal Ikran. The bonding is for life. I am well guarded.

We are waiting patiently for the moon eclipse, anytime now. I am counting quietly, so does my Wingman, so do my Soldiers of Four Winds.

Three, two, one.... the ring of the eclipse is shining. I stand tall on the back of Toruk, we are The Jinba Ittai. I scream....
Take down The Swamp Thing, it is yours!!!

My Wingman leads the attack. They strike like lightning, their sound is like thousands of thunder. They are my Soldiers of Four Winds. We are here to win!

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