Saturday, October 16, 2010

Times Intoxication

12 hours. Tick. Tock.

Enjoying every puff of my Davidoff. It was Swiss, now it is American, but the Cuban taste remain. My waiter asks if I need more drink. Nope. Borboun can't handle me, I can't handle Boroboun. More or less.

Yes, very American sunday afternoon, as I inhale and exhale the few last clean air of Kota Kinabalu. Pretty much expanded now. This place, they used to call it Beringgis. Now, Beringgis, Kota Kinabalu, not Papar.

I sit, glancing at tv monitor. I used to love tv. Now, the only tv I watch is the one with racing result. Cherokee, The Stallion, is doing very well. Half breed Arabian, born in Australia, raised in Kota Belud, now is the stud of Beringgis. Old men love him. I love him. But I still think his name is pretty much a girl's name.

Ah... This is no longer as amusing as it was. I was jumping up and down, as I cheering. Now, what the hell. Let them race. Let them win or lose. I have Davidoff in my hand, that's all I care about.

And reminiscing, I return to the present. To this time.

This time, I am The Toruk Makto. Fly with me, my Soldiers of Four Winds. I am the rider of the Omaticayan great dragon. The Jinba Ittai.

The sun is setting into the uncertain darkness. Me, and my flying Soldiers of Four Winds, conquer it in no time, waking up the Sleeping Giant of The Swamp.

Draw your swords, ready to release. Tonight we'll have Swamp Thing for dinner!.

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