Monday, October 18, 2010

Intoxication: The Hard Times.

The truth is I'll never be good. May be in 5 years time or 10 years, I will write or co write or both technical papers about species composition, species occurrence, about floras, about trees, about DBH, about potential of this species or that species as bioindicator or how the river is stuffed with pollution we have already know about but still want to prove it with something empirical, something scientific, something makes me sound smarter than others (you).

The problem is, like you, I have inferiority complex. Which is sometimes or most of the times, works well for me (and you). Because, here, confident could be easily translated to snobbish, arrogance, or everyone favourites, Tembirang.

Since two weeks ago, I want to slay mythical things. I want to ride the Toruk. I want to ride the Toruk, with my ikran flying besides me and slay The Swamp Thing. Now, I want to kill The Swamp Thing and then kill Nazgul. Kill The Swamp Thing before the moon eclipse ended, and start fighting and killing Nazgul soon after.

I also want to practice my Hikmat Cakar Penunduk Naga. Yes, I use the Hikmat not only to take the dragon down, but also The Swamp Thing under the swamp. Like The Naga Tasik Chini kind of creature.

Honestly I dont know what Naga Tasik Chini is or was. Because I went to Tasik Chini once, we didnt catch or see any dragon, but we sampled/caught lots of fish. My first time saw Toman, in person.

What happen to me? what happen to us?

I want to write. I cant. But I need to start somewhere. For now, just read my crap. Or dont.

About Racing Horse Stable.

What about it. May be the punch line is, Racing Horse Stable: Let The Horses Race For You. Racing Horse Stable is more than just racing horses and sunday race. This is not Seabiscuits. But Cherokee the half breed arabian racing horse is a racing horse.

the real horse racing ground is just 10 minutes away. Can I pay a visit?

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