Monday, October 18, 2010

And the retreat!

I think it was an almost fail attempt. But doesn't matter, I'll keep on writing my crap and read it.
The problems are obvious, I don't read enough, my grammar is a nightmare with flying dragon exhaling fiery breaths.

Well what the heck.. I have to start somewhere, I have to vent it out. Loud.

Racing Horse Stable is not exactly a racing horse stable. I'll explain more as I write the crap about racing horse stable.

Nothing glorious about it. But the good thing is, I can, in my wild imagination puffing expensive cigar, at the same time flying on a mythical dragon of the sci-fi world, having a legion of magical army, slaying giant, drive a self drive car, glancing at stable boy, the young and risky, having conversation with a waiter who serves me bourbon that I will never drink.

Living the life of racing horse stable.

Damn, I used to good with this. The cerita rekaan. That was me, the 10 years old me. Who enjoys reading Ceritalah Lagi, Anak Kampung, Kasihani lah Dia, Bermulanya dengan Tup Tap, Berkat Bercakap Benar, Timun Mas, Jakatarub, Kota Bayuwangi Lahir Dari Kuntum Melati, Tangkuban Perahu, Putera Desir, Sang Kelembai, Gadis Gembala Angsa, Sekali Pukul Sepuluh Mati, and dozen of stories from Middle East.

I read more about Kisah Lagenda Nusantara when I was young. Weeping like hell every times I read Korban Sungai Manggis. It was the real tears jerker. Scared whenever I read Banglo Hijau.

I read comics. Dewata Raya, Alam Perwira, Anak Anak Wira, Teman Pendekar Helang Sakti, Raja Rimba, Pedang Setiawan, Jengking Merah etc etc etc

Now I read Bloogggggsssss.... Boooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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