Monday, October 11, 2010

25th Birthday

Alhamdullilah, I am 25 years old today. Nothing much. I am here in my office typing an entry about my birthday.

Graduated officially last saturday, that would be my early birthday gift. Yes, 2 years in the making birthday gift!. Sorry for being such Grad-Zilla last week. I know... hahaha... I tried to make it perfect. But imperfect world is the only world we have. So.. just have fun. Imperfect fun is fun!.

Thank you for wishes, gifts, prayers, and everything. I am enjoying my metabolism left over. I know I am losing it. Had a very great chicken eating marathon yesterday. With friends. Ha.Ha. Nasib ndak demam.

for my mother, I am sorry if I ever hurt you, one way or another. You are an amazing person. Just the way you are. Thank you for everything and super Love you (ok.. stream of tears anytime now).

for my father, err.. I know you are the guy, the dude, the man, who will always love me no matter what. I love you too. (err.. mau jam boleh?).

for my siblings and family. love you guys.

for razman, I am still waiting for you text.

And for me, Cheers!