Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aku terlanjur cinta kepada mu.

1. First time pigi ofis hari sabtu sejak bekerja. Sebab ada kerja ndak pandai siap.

2. Rupanya minggu depan working days hanya 4 hari. Tidak sangka, tiba2 aku rasa 4 working days tidak cukup. 5 hari pun kasi extra hari sabtu. (biasa aku tunggu weekend start hari isnin).

3. Err.. I like working alone in my room. On weekend. very quiet, more focus.

4. De Tour- not Germany, Sweden. And I have found something interesting. Sabar sabar.

5. I enjoy company of certain group of people. I like it. They actually make me happy. Thank you for make me happy. Thank you. It wont last forever, but let's cherish what we have now, shall we.

6. Having serious mood swing. one minute I am jiwang, the next minute I want to sepak orang/bola.

7. Tengok bola ni..

8. Serious penat

9. mood swing

10. Tajuk tiada kaitan

Monday, October 25, 2010

take 5.

Aku baru lepas habis stapler 36 sets lab manual setiapnya 10 keping = 360 keping. Yang di taip words by words, kecuali gambar sahaja aku cut paste secara tradisional (bukan scan, tapi, fotostet, kerat, tampal, fotostet semula). Aku juga yang fotostet, tercangkung2 aku ditepi mesin konica yang awesome itu tunggu siap semua, sebab aku tau kertas confirm habis. Siap refill and all. Buat muka tebal saja aku tadi di opis.

Kalau anak murid aku buang2 dan persia2kan lab manual mereka ini. Aku suruh mereka makan sheet by sheet semua set lab manual untuk sem ini.

Err.. aku nak sambung menghadap MS words ni. Nak extract tesis sendiri, sendiri tulis, sendiri copy paste, sendiri baca, sendiri edit, sebelum hantar untuk di peer reviewkan. Harap2 minggu ni siap hendaknya.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aricco Jumith is The Man!

Adakah kamu ada masalah dengan bendera Sabah?

Kepada kamu, jangan politikkan Aricco Jumith

Suka hati lah bah Aricco Jumith mahu pakai baju Sabah atau Malaysia.

Aricco Jumith, You are The Man!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Intoxication: The Hard Times.

The truth is I'll never be good. May be in 5 years time or 10 years, I will write or co write or both technical papers about species composition, species occurrence, about floras, about trees, about DBH, about potential of this species or that species as bioindicator or how the river is stuffed with pollution we have already know about but still want to prove it with something empirical, something scientific, something makes me sound smarter than others (you).

The problem is, like you, I have inferiority complex. Which is sometimes or most of the times, works well for me (and you). Because, here, confident could be easily translated to snobbish, arrogance, or everyone favourites, Tembirang.

Since two weeks ago, I want to slay mythical things. I want to ride the Toruk. I want to ride the Toruk, with my ikran flying besides me and slay The Swamp Thing. Now, I want to kill The Swamp Thing and then kill Nazgul. Kill The Swamp Thing before the moon eclipse ended, and start fighting and killing Nazgul soon after.

I also want to practice my Hikmat Cakar Penunduk Naga. Yes, I use the Hikmat not only to take the dragon down, but also The Swamp Thing under the swamp. Like The Naga Tasik Chini kind of creature.

Honestly I dont know what Naga Tasik Chini is or was. Because I went to Tasik Chini once, we didnt catch or see any dragon, but we sampled/caught lots of fish. My first time saw Toman, in person.

What happen to me? what happen to us?

I want to write. I cant. But I need to start somewhere. For now, just read my crap. Or dont.

About Racing Horse Stable.

What about it. May be the punch line is, Racing Horse Stable: Let The Horses Race For You. Racing Horse Stable is more than just racing horses and sunday race. This is not Seabiscuits. But Cherokee the half breed arabian racing horse is a racing horse.

the real horse racing ground is just 10 minutes away. Can I pay a visit?

And the retreat!

I think it was an almost fail attempt. But doesn't matter, I'll keep on writing my crap and read it.
The problems are obvious, I don't read enough, my grammar is a nightmare with flying dragon exhaling fiery breaths.

Well what the heck.. I have to start somewhere, I have to vent it out. Loud.

Racing Horse Stable is not exactly a racing horse stable. I'll explain more as I write the crap about racing horse stable.

Nothing glorious about it. But the good thing is, I can, in my wild imagination puffing expensive cigar, at the same time flying on a mythical dragon of the sci-fi world, having a legion of magical army, slaying giant, drive a self drive car, glancing at stable boy, the young and risky, having conversation with a waiter who serves me bourbon that I will never drink.

Living the life of racing horse stable.

Damn, I used to good with this. The cerita rekaan. That was me, the 10 years old me. Who enjoys reading Ceritalah Lagi, Anak Kampung, Kasihani lah Dia, Bermulanya dengan Tup Tap, Berkat Bercakap Benar, Timun Mas, Jakatarub, Kota Bayuwangi Lahir Dari Kuntum Melati, Tangkuban Perahu, Putera Desir, Sang Kelembai, Gadis Gembala Angsa, Sekali Pukul Sepuluh Mati, and dozen of stories from Middle East.

I read more about Kisah Lagenda Nusantara when I was young. Weeping like hell every times I read Korban Sungai Manggis. It was the real tears jerker. Scared whenever I read Banglo Hijau.

I read comics. Dewata Raya, Alam Perwira, Anak Anak Wira, Teman Pendekar Helang Sakti, Raja Rimba, Pedang Setiawan, Jengking Merah etc etc etc

Now I read Bloogggggsssss.... Boooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Times Intoxication

12 hours. Tick. Tock.

"Will you come tomorrow?". Asks the waiter.

"I don't know, but I know you will right?". I wink my eyes. I doubt he looks at them.

"Yes, I'll be here". he slowly pick up my empty glass and put it on the tray.

"So early?". He is trying to make a conversation.

"Yes, I have to go".

Ahh.. Monday. I didn't like Monday. I don't care now. Monday is my bank day. I go to the bank on Monday.

Better call Datin, hopefully she is in town.

Datin and I are old friends. More or less with the same back-ground. Many years ago, we wrote papers together, now piece of our works is sold in drug stores all over the planet. I found the species, she found the compound. Took us 20 years of our youth. Now the rest is history. I am here at the racing ground. She is busy with her boutique and her Datuk.

"Datin, so when can I see you?".

I don't say hello to her. What for?. She knows me well, we don't need compulsory greeting.

"Whenever you want, It's been awhile right? So where are you?" .

"Yeah, me? on my way back from the.... well, you know where...".

"The Stable? Ha. Ha. Ha. You can't stop, can you?".

"Why shall I? I don't have grumpy Datuk at home, not like you".

"You!!!!. So what the story?". Yes, she is a gossip driller.

"Still single, you know that already do you? My blood sugar is fine, my cholesterol level is controllable, my dentist is handsome, Cherokee the Stallion won the 1st prize today. So what your story?".

"Nothing, run the shop, went to Sydney last week. Shopping and all, my blood sugar is slightly off the limit"

"Ease on the Coke, you are not young anymore. Sydney? with Datuk? without Datuk?". I try to reverse the drill on her.

"With Datuk". Short.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha."

"You!!!! So where is your.... escort?". She returns it very well.

"I am flying solo, like the old day. But I want you to meet my stable boy. He is good. Young and risky."

"Stable boy? You can't stop right?".


"So see you on next saturday? don't tell me your Datuk wants to breath mountain air on next saturday".

"I can make it on next saturday. Next saturday is for us, Datuk cans enjoy his mountain air on his own". She gives me instant guarantee.

"See you on saturday, ok, I'll call you again.... when I call you again".

"See you, ease on the stable boy you!!!". She warns me.

"Emmm.. we'll see".

As I finish talk to her, I reach my main gate. Drive straight to the garage. The garage used to be crowded, but I did a clearance few months ago. Get rid off few rides, clean up some stuffs.

Ahhhhh... my empty bedroom. Nothing in there, except my bed.

When I close my eyes, I see darkness. Sigh.

And I return to the present.

I keep my eyes open, my nasty beast is flapping his clawed wings. Nice and slow. I fly around the swamp, to hunt for my prey, The Swamp Thing. My Soldiers of Four Winds are ready, swords, bows and arrows, sharpen bamboos, and brave hearts. They are hungry hunters, they want blood, they want revenge, they want The Swamp Thing.

My trusted Wingman is right beside me, riding his Ikran, arrow-ready bow is in his hand. My Ikran is flying on the other side. My loyal Ikran. The bonding is for life. I am well guarded.

We are waiting patiently for the moon eclipse, anytime now. I am counting quietly, so does my Wingman, so do my Soldiers of Four Winds.

Three, two, one.... the ring of the eclipse is shining. I stand tall on the back of Toruk, we are The Jinba Ittai. I scream....
Take down The Swamp Thing, it is yours!!!

My Wingman leads the attack. They strike like lightning, their sound is like thousands of thunder. They are my Soldiers of Four Winds. We are here to win!

Times Intoxication

12 hours. Tick. Tock.

Enjoying every puff of my Davidoff. It was Swiss, now it is American, but the Cuban taste remain. My waiter asks if I need more drink. Nope. Borboun can't handle me, I can't handle Boroboun. More or less.

Yes, very American sunday afternoon, as I inhale and exhale the few last clean air of Kota Kinabalu. Pretty much expanded now. This place, they used to call it Beringgis. Now, Beringgis, Kota Kinabalu, not Papar.

I sit, glancing at tv monitor. I used to love tv. Now, the only tv I watch is the one with racing result. Cherokee, The Stallion, is doing very well. Half breed Arabian, born in Australia, raised in Kota Belud, now is the stud of Beringgis. Old men love him. I love him. But I still think his name is pretty much a girl's name.

Ah... This is no longer as amusing as it was. I was jumping up and down, as I cheering. Now, what the hell. Let them race. Let them win or lose. I have Davidoff in my hand, that's all I care about.

And reminiscing, I return to the present. To this time.

This time, I am The Toruk Makto. Fly with me, my Soldiers of Four Winds. I am the rider of the Omaticayan great dragon. The Jinba Ittai.

The sun is setting into the uncertain darkness. Me, and my flying Soldiers of Four Winds, conquer it in no time, waking up the Sleeping Giant of The Swamp.

Draw your swords, ready to release. Tonight we'll have Swamp Thing for dinner!.

Times Intoxication

12 hours. Tick. Tock.

One step away from the present. One step closer to horse racing ground. And meet the stable boy. With a drink in my hand. Grow up, older, and fatter.

Just watching the stable boy. Nothing exciting. Horses galloping. Nothing amusing.

Then I look back. To the present. To this time.

This time. The sun is rising. I am the Toruk Makto. I ride the dragon of the Omaticayan Land. As my beast spreads his clawed wings. Wide. I stand tall. And say......

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jumaat Hapdet.. ambik kau!

1. Tadi kawan share hadis dalam Fb. Superlike. Sebab memang cari hadis tu pun.

2. Makan lunch sambil layan NatGeo. Minggu ni asyik makan di kedai tu bukan sebab sedap tahap marvelous (makanan biasa2 cuma pedas2 sikit hehe). Sebab kedai tu selalu layan NatGeo atau Bio Channel. (Superlike)

3. Semalam after office hours, melepak di belanja makan roti canai oleh qasehqayyim (perghh.. spelling~). Banyak cerita, yang di darat, yang di laut, yang di bulan, yang merangkak yang terbang suster ngengsot semua terkeluar. Stumbled upon my students di cafe, ramai pula tu. But I hi ala kadar, then buat bodo. Peduli lah.. malas aku bersopan2. Bergossip time lah beb tak cara aku nak bersopan masa bergossip.

4. Actually I am still not comfortable when they address me as Cik/Miss.. (Can I say I hate it?). Just call me by my first name. Especially after office hours, or after class. (click like just to hate)

5. I nak shopping.

6. My hutang yang beribu riban di pasca tu finally sudah langsai. Yes, I (my dad actually) had to call my sponsor just to make sure my ledger is free of debt. Tapi scroll masih ditahan sebab belum pulangkan jubah.

7. I hate button down baju melayu. for baju melayu stick to pull up. (sambungan entry semalam).

8. Rasa lega bila baca update dari Kak Diana. Hopefully kesihatan beliau dan baby sentiasa terpelihara. Moga sihat2 selalu Green Apple!.

9. Kawin Beranak Update.

Tahniah kepada Aida and Ewan sebab baru dapat baby girl semalam.

Tahniah kepada CKO and wife sebab sudah mendaftar perkahwinan. You are legally married!. Look very awesome in a grey suit, with beautiful bride beside you. Pasangan ini juga telah menshot gambar pra perkahwinan yang cantik, neutral, look very effortless.

Tahniah kepada Denny and future wife kerana bakal bernikah hujung bulan ini.

Perkahwinan Datuk Angkasawan n Wife tu ok. Tapi kek tu entah apa2. Yes, saya bersetuju dengan pendapat popular, NAZA did it better. Rasanya ada NAZA wedding no. 2 by the end of this year kan. So ramai2 boleh lah memabokkan diri dengan wedding fantasy oh reality mereka. (termasuk aku).

The good things about Perkahwinan angkasawan, majlis tak meleret2 (macam masa Mawi kawin dalam astro), wife cantik cun pandai doktor yang murah dengan senyuman, pakai lah baju merepek meriban macam mana pun tetap cantik. datuk pula memang dashing hensem hensem hensem hensem. Masa pengantin masuk dalam dewan bacaan selawat!. Well done!.

10. Actually kan, selepas disogok dengan gambar kawin dan tunang kawan2 secara bertalu2, cerita kawin depan belakang kiri kanan, dan masa birthday pun ada wish suruh kawin (LMAO). Aku ada idea pulak pasal wedding2 ni. I mean as a wedding planner lah. Maksudnya keboborokkan kisah kawin2 ni menjadi unexpected stimulant kepada idea planning a wedding as a wedding planner (apa haram jaddah aku merepek ni?).

Oleh kerana I hate wedding, maka aku pass lah idea kepada bakal boss butik pengantin si qasehqayyim (again.. spelling tu bah!). Hari tu idea hantaran, semalam idea pelamin, jika gambar kawin (most likely yes) berpanjangan disogok ke dalam news feed facebook, kompom aku ada idea nak buat center piece meja, tema sanding segala.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

hate list?

Don't we just love to hate. In Facebook's fan page turned hate page, we click likes to actually hate.

People hate as much as they like.

This is my another hate list. "pakaian yang saya tidak suka".

1. Baju korporat
2. Baju batik
3. business suit dwi colour. Seluar kaler lain jaket kaler lain (masa formal, pergi opis/meeting).
4. necktie looney toons. It is cute when you are 16. It is not when you are 30.
5. white socks.
6. red socks. Kecuali kau adalah Fonzworth Bentley.
7. stokin net.
8. Tuala berlogo yang colouful, macam lencana manchester united sebesar2 tuala, atau watak looney toons. (Max colour for towel=3, plain is preferable, belang2 2 colour kira ok lah).
9. knitted vest. Kecuali dipakai semasa autumn-winter. Di negara beriklim 4 musim.
10. fucking ugly necktie. kaler sykedelic or berjalur putar2 macam kain batik.
11. baju t shirt bertulis nama 40 orang ahli kelas dan punch line nya ialah Frenz 4eva~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kak Diana Green Apple

Semoga Kak Diana Green Apple dan baby sihat sihat selalu, dilindungi Allah SWT, dan diberikan kekuatan untuk menghadapi segala ujian. Kepada suami & keluarga Kak Diana Green Apple semoga tabah dan bersabar.

Di harap pengunjung blog Green Apple boleh mendoakan keselamatan beliau dan baby nya. Mudah mudahan semuanya selamat.

Monday, October 11, 2010

25th Birthday

Alhamdullilah, I am 25 years old today. Nothing much. I am here in my office typing an entry about my birthday.

Graduated officially last saturday, that would be my early birthday gift. Yes, 2 years in the making birthday gift!. Sorry for being such Grad-Zilla last week. I know... hahaha... I tried to make it perfect. But imperfect world is the only world we have. So.. just have fun. Imperfect fun is fun!.

Thank you for wishes, gifts, prayers, and everything. I am enjoying my metabolism left over. I know I am losing it. Had a very great chicken eating marathon yesterday. With friends. Ha.Ha. Nasib ndak demam.

for my mother, I am sorry if I ever hurt you, one way or another. You are an amazing person. Just the way you are. Thank you for everything and super Love you (ok.. stream of tears anytime now).

for my father, err.. I know you are the guy, the dude, the man, who will always love me no matter what. I love you too. (err.. mau jam boleh?).

for my siblings and family. love you guys.

for razman, I am still waiting for you text.

And for me, Cheers!

Graduasi 2 dengan gambar

dance troupe!. I watched like 3 performances from them, day and night. because the dude is cute (at least cute enough to my eyes)
Jimmy Asmara. (bukan nama sebenar) yes face cannot be revealed, mampos kena maki nanti
from my sister. thanks Ka!
ibtp grads; Mark Ruf, yours truly, Jack Joseph.
before the ceremony. lama sangat tunggu vvip. taken by azliza with my SE camphone.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Alhamdulilah tadi sudah siap majlis rasmi (yang boring) untuk graduasi. M. Sc. Taxonomy & Biodiversity. Ini lah yang kita mahukan, walaupun pelbagai hiccups along the way. Mudah2an ini juga satu permulaan yang baru.

Terima Kasih, kepada ibu bapa, keluaraga, kawan2 di ibtp, di kampung, di sst, di ums, saudara mara dan sesiapa yang sudi memberikan wish, ucap selamat, dan hadiah2 tadi.

more update with piccas later.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Apakah Tagged?
Tagged ialah macam surat berantai zaman dulu2.

Aku kena tagged oleh partner in crime sendiri. Yang blognya kena malware (rasanya bukan virus, cuma coding somewhere jadi haramjaddah).

State 7 things about yourself:

1. cuma suka dengar stesyen radio masa dalam kereta. Buat masa sekarang hot fm kerana radio saya tuned kepada hot fm. kalau kau tekan2 nanti frekuensi tu hilang, hujung2 radio ntah apa2 lagi yang keluar.
2. I am not a morning person.
3. tidak tahu warna kegemaran saya.
4. suka khaki pants over jeans.
5. Selalunya saya tidak tahu mahu beli apa bila ada duit. Tapi macam2 mahu dibeli bila tiada duit.
6. Saya mau main Jazz Bass, but I dont know where to start. Should I beli gitar dulu lalu belajar sendiri? belajar dengan orang? masuk kelas berbayar? atau curi gitar, testing dulu boleh minat kah tidak, kalau minat betul2 baru beli sendiri tu gitar bass? atau kau fikir macam mana?
7. Suka minum teh. Teh o, Teh o ping (ais), teh, teh suam, teh kurang mains, teh ping (ais), teh madras, teh madras ping, teh tarik, teh tarik ping, teh c special tiga lapis, teh c special 3 lapis ping, teh o lemon, teh o lemon ping, teh hijau, teh hijau ping, milky tea, milky tea with pearl, green tea with lemon, green tea with honey, milky tea with coconut, milky tea with magic boom.... (nah boleh buka Tea Bar sudah).

malas saya mau tag sesiapa, siapa mau buat nah buat lah... lebih dari 7 pun ndak apa.

P/s: semoga cepat sembuh kepada Tun Che Det.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

ROcKtobrFest 2010

8th- Pre-graduation dinner (kalau balik dari opis tidak flat gila)
9th - Graduation
10th- post graduation party and a wedding
11th- 25th Bday
16th- Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!