Monday, September 6, 2010

Not your average travel story.

Lepas grad tahun 2007, Aku berazam untuk tidak pergi ke semenanjung selama setahun (The ban is lifted already). Dan bercita-cita untuk explore my own backyard, Sabah and Borneo.

2007 (December)
The travelog started with a visit to Brunei. Then to Kudat. (Ok I cant actually recall which was first, Kudat or Brunei, I am sure I visited Kudat on December, but I am not sure about Brunei). My 2nd time to Brunei, and my first time to Kudat. Brunei is Brunei. Kudat is awesome!. Especially Tanjung Simpang Mengayau. Actually Kudat is a quiet town. But I like it, the way it is. Simpang Mengayau is a slice of heaven.

Since I had to prepare my dissertation paper, my study brought me to Sipitang. Sipitang is not very far from my kampung, but I dont visit the place that often. So, I explored some part of Sipitang forest and terrain. Twice. And actually, at 700 m a.s.l, inside Sipitang forest, you can feel very soothing breeze. Not too cold, just nice. The weather could be very dramatic, but you'll like it.

I took de-tour, and fly to Jakarta. My first visit to Indonesia. For two weeks course. Went to err.. typical tourist spots in West Java. Hiking, meeting new people. My favourite would be Cibodas Botanical Garden and volcanoes, Kawah Putih and Tangkuban Perahu.

Had crush with a (probably married) guy. But hey, it was a location love struck, no biggie about it. I went home safely in one piece. Brought nothing but 2 bags of dirty laundry, 2 books, beautiful memories and valuable experiences. I still could not understand why Malaysian always have shopping spree in Indonesia (and everywhere), I think the goods sold are pretty much the same. My only regret is, I didnt buy more books there.

I went to Tg. Aru Beach more often. I like the place. Simply like it.

The year kicked off pretty awful. I was racing with time. And time won without even cheating. Between November 2009 and early February 2010, was a very very volatile period of my life. I felt like living in a depression chamber. That period was my Great Depression. I had to finish my papers, submit it, etc, etc. I had another opportunity to travel to Indonesia, this time to East Java. I had to let it go.

On June, I climbed up the Mt. Kinabalu. My first time. It was a painful, expensive, relationship breaking, ass-whipping, journey. Managed to crawl up to Gunting Lagadan, the second last checkpoint before the peak. It was freezing as hell (err.. since when hell is freezing? hahaha). But I love Ranau. Love it so much. Macam mau tinggal sana pun ada. Got a call informing me about my viva voce when I was enjoying my morning 11 thousands feet a. s. l, at Gunting Lagadan. Cant wait for my next visit to Ranau. May be this coming hari raya? ada sesiapa mau join? (ok ini memang sengaja cari pasal).

Also went to Brunei for a weekend trip. Brunei is Brunei. As it always be. The currency change burned my wallet off.

On July, went to Labuan. Finally, after 6 years of planning and a death. It was a good trip. I like it. Spent a night there, had my chance to stroll around KML, my ex school, on Sunday morning (I forgot when the last time I woke up at early morning on Sunday!). Met my friend after a year, and met her 4 years old son for the first time. But it was a tight budget trip. I just bought 2 packets of choc for my niece.

I had opportunities to go to Kuching and Bangi this year. But I couldnt. Because of various problem, mostly time and money. See.. time wins without even cheating, always.


So it is August now. I dont have plan yet. May be I'll go for a field work into Sabah's deep interior this October. Yes, they choose an excellent timing to for field work-the wet season. Well.. it is tropical rainforest, what make tropical rainforest a tropical rainforest? rain and forest.

I have a good travel plan in my mind, Royal Towns visit. I want to visit royal towns, Seri Menanti is a good place to start I guess. Then off to South or bound to North; Perak, Kedah, Perlis, or to East Coast.

Or shall I start, in Negeri Sembilan, than to Selangor? I dont know. But Royal Towns Visit plan is a good plan. At least for me.

Atau, jalan2 ikut mata angin? First up north, landed in Penang, off to Perlis, than bound to Langkawi, back to Alor Star. Fly from Alor Star to KL, then back to KK. Sounds good, and expensive.

Next trip, KK-KL, KL-Kota Bahru. Down to Terengganu-Kuantan. Kuantan-KL (by air or bus), KL-KK.

Then, South Invasion. KK-JB. JB-Singapore-JB. JB-KK.

Then Sarawak, KK-Miri-Kuching-KK.

East Coast Sabah, KK-Sandakan-Lahad Datu-Semporna-Tawau-Keningau-KK.

Then KK-Ranau-KK-Ranau-Kundasang-Ranau-KK-Ranau-ulang sampai infiniti (Ok, ada orang marah ni nanti hahahahahahahahahahahaha).

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