Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the sound of music

I feel light. Lighter than few nights ago. I feel real light. Like I lost some weight. Nope, I dont think I lost significant extra kilos. But the burden is minimized. Residues are still here and there. But I feel real light.

I re-listen to music again. It is more beautiful tonight. I listen to Harvey Malaiholo. I must confess, I am not into jazz music, but I listen to Malaiholo. And if I could play an instrument, I would like to play bass jazz.

I always love Broery Marantika. He put extra soul in every song he sang. Always prefer his version. Broery and Dwi Yull's Jangan Ada Dusta Di Antara Kita is my favourite duet of all times. Yes, even Endless Love couldnt beat the song.

Last week, I listened to Ahmad Nawab's Tiada Maaf Bagimu over and over again. I like it. Prefer Sharifah Aini's version. Also made to playlist, Tak Ingin Sendiri (all versions).

I guess, I have a slice of old soul in me.

Glee. Well, everyone love Glee. Even my 3 years old niece loves them. I love them.

I enjoy Train's radio friendly Hey Soul Sister. And also Ingrid Michealson's. Her music is so beautiful. Of course soothing too.

p/s: currently I am sooooooo in love with Johnny Deep as John Dilinger in Public Enemy. He looks so dangerously sexy!

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