Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nonsense. Need to let off some steam. Uncluttered my mind.

One among many things I hate about marriage is; pause button doesn't exist. Yes, I know, there are couples who separated for life. And some people even move on without divorce, (especially senile old guy who thinks he has golden penis inside his pants, using religion to justify his quest for fresh pussies). Mutual separation is a stop button with sugar topping. Those people are in denial. They don't want to be together, with hope someday they will reconcile (mostly they won't). But they still don't want to give each other up.

When you are married. That's it. You are married. Mortgage kills you year in year out. But still you must stand your ground. Because you are MARRIED with kids. They need shelter, you need to provide it to them. Your wife nagging about you forgot to buy her Kicap Manis Adabi. You nod, and buy her one. And repeat that every times you forgot to buy her thing. That's not love, that's marriage. Your husband always, ALWAYS left his filthy clothes on the floor after fifteen years of marriage, and you HATE it to the bone, he knows you hate it, but still live with him. That's not love, that's marriage.

Can you pause from being married? No you can't. Some people said that's why marriage is beautiful. Together forever. For better for worse. Till death does us apart (or divorce paper is finalized or whichever comes first).

Together forever huh?. To quote Mr. Bingham, What's the purpose?

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