Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I would like to click the like button, but.....

1. A person in my FB's friend list is recently got married. I dont know her personally. She is an American.

I like her wedding photos and would like to click the like button. But I dont. Because if I do so my face will appear on her wall. I dont want that.

Oh ya.. it was an American-Jewish wedding. I think the reason is obvious why I dont want my profile pic appears on her wall.

2. Another friend, who is also in my friend list, and I know personally, has a very handsome gorgeous and almost perfect boyfriend (or fiance) with very good resume. He is soooo sizzling hot. And I had met him in person. Yes, he is good looking, nice smelling guy.

I would like to click the like button whenever I like his photo or photo of him. But I dont. Because he is my friend's boyfriend and I dont think she'll like me if I ever like photo of her boyfriend.

3. I would like to text my friend's ex boyfriend, who is also my friend. Just want to say hi personally, exchange a news or two. But I dont. Because he is engaged. And I just dont know how to start.

4. I would like to tell my boss "I got job, will start this 20th". But I dont know how.

5. I dont understand why sometimes, people so obsess with Japan and everything Japanese. I dont stop them. I wont. They like to think whatever we do, the Japanese do it better. Or whatever we have, Japanese have something better. From car to electronic stuff, cartoon, food.. (oh my.. I never like Japanese food, I dont hate it tho).

And they (those who are obsess with Japanese) even use Japanese terms and jargon. Like saying the phrase Japanese always say before they start eating (istikimisu? istikimash?). They even bought Japanese mags even they dont read Japanese.

There are many Japanese in my field. So can you imagine how much Japanese obsession I have to deal with? Ahhh..

I know Japan is a developed country with unique people who somehow somewhere able to found balance between keeping up with the technology and preserving culture. Their restaurants serve food to us without even cooking. They are very advance indeed.

But I dont think we should obsess with them.

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