Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st week of Ramadhan 1431

1. Minggu pertama bulan Ramadhan pada tahun ini berlangsung dengan baik. Alhamdulillah. Semuanya seperti biasa. Rezeki makanan melimpah ruah seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Bezanya dengan tahun lalu (paticularly), I eat in smaller portion this year. Yes, I try to cut down my carbo intake, drink more and more fluid, less sugar. Tak lah berjaya sangat, but I eat much much less during iftar and sahur compare to last year. And I give myself a (kesian) point for trying.

Sukar sikit nak jaga makan when live with your mother kan. Anyway, syukur kepada Allah SWT kerana memberi rezeki yang melimpah ruah.

2. I am a bit busy, driving cross the town to take care some papers. Papers and documents for my lapor diri. Sahkan itu, tandatangan ini, fotostet. And I had my blood tested, to verify which group my blood belongs to. Mine is A positive. The bloody test cost me another RM 20. I was pretty sure my blood group is A. But I wasnt sure what my Rh factor is. To verify, I went to the doctor.

Honestly my positive Rh. did bother me a little. But I google some infos about it. Everything is fine... I was worry too much.

Luckily my trusted cousin who works with local district office helped me a lot in smoothing the papers process. I just left my papers with her, and she kindly took care of them. Those papers need to be stamped and signed for, well... verification.

Took me about 3 days to do all these stuffs. Bureaucracy huh? Expect more next week.

Yesterday, I registered myself as an EPF member. Because I need to include my EPF number in my personal form. It was a quick process, small office in a small town often do much faster operation compare to big office in a big city. Smaller population size kan...

Tonight I will rearrange my papers to make sure everything needed is here. I hope for smooth procedure on friday.

Sort of enjoying my unemployment few last days.

3. Since I had submitted my hardcover, I prefer to stay at home. Plus it is Ramadhan. Just want to spend more time at home on my bed in my room. With my parents and family. Especially, my niece, she will celebrate this year hari raya with her maternal grandparents. And I dont think I can get early leave for Hari Raya, rasanya 30 ramadhan pun aku masih bekerja. Because I am not eligible for cuti peribadi yet.

I sleep better at night these days. Yes, the major problem that messed up my night slumber was my dissertation. Or rather dissertension. Other than internet. I spend less time online because I have to take care some matters, and watch more tv.

I enjoy my ramadhan so far. Hopefully I pray more and read more, especially Al-Quran. And of course less anger.

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