Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st ramadhan 1431

Hardcover copies were submitted without much hassle. However, there were few hiccups I managed to take care off. This submission also indicated, this week would be my official final week at IBTP. Next week, I'll join different department.

Nothing much I can and want to say about IBTP. Laugh, sweat, and tears. Last ramadhan, I remember I was in my lab until iftar. One night, when I was alone in my lab I received heart breaking news of Nel's death. Hopefully this journey will be sugar-ed with me, receive my M. Sc. scroll. Surrounded with love of my life, my parents and family, my friends my cheerleaders.

I never regret with my choice. I choose IBTP, I faced with it, to the very end. Being a coursework student, sometimes, I did feel like I was the step child. But, hey, I survived. I was there to learn science, and grow as a scientist, not primadona.

From Viva to Hardcover.

There were so much hurdles before I had my chance to defend my research. I was a very very very angry person at that particular period. I understand if the admin staffs at Post Grad office hate me to the bone because of that. The only thing I didnt do was, stomping my feet on the front desk with a dagger in my hand. Everything else, from maki to kutuk, to ugut, to jerit, tepuk meja, trust me I did it all. That's what happened when I reciprocated their ill treatment. I am a control freak when I need to be one. Yes, I breathed behind their neck so they could work faster for me.

Thanks to my father for pumping endless money so I could prepare my hardcover copies. I have spent tonnes of money to get this messy task done. I can always trust my father, I can always rely on his money making ability. He is may be the most ordinary kampung chap, but never write him off. Thanks Pa, with you, money is just few phone calls away. Literally.

p/s: I still want to drive the old proton. I like it. I like the plate number. Can I choose mine?

Thanks to the girls; my mother, my sister, my niece, my aunt, my sis in laws, for being here and there for me, always. Especially my sister, my biggest cheerleader. Thanks for reminded me that, my problem was just a small problem, plenty of people out there have bigger problems. Thanks to the boys; my father, my brothers.

not forgotten, my friends, for their willingness to share, helps, encouragement, shoulder to cry on, etc etc etc...

And The Biggest Thank Goes To>>>>>>>>> Alhamdulillah, syukur, thank Allah SWT for all rezeki, helps, and blessing we get from Him. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. All good things are from Allah SWT, all the weaknesses are from us, human, the humble being.

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