Monday, July 19, 2010

On science, sexism, job, and yada yada

I am listening to John Legend. Damn, his voice is sex-xay!

Read couple of blogs about women in science. Gee... feminism and sexism could go this far. Well, I am a female and I do science. I dont know how people would judge me, either I am female first or scientist first. Either way, I am, me first. So when I present my science I hope people judge my science first not my make up, not my cheap pump shoes, not my crumply mediocre dress shirt, or whatever.

I do science and I know how to clean myself. Of course fashion is not my strongest forte. I am glad it is not. I dress as professional as I can be when presenting paper in seminars. But most of the time I wear khaki pants and shirt, prefer button down than pull up. Since I am living and working in tropics, I choose to wear sport sandal all the time. But sometimes I do put my loafers on.

Ok, enough with that.

I am waiting for signature. Sometimes I think I am chasing a celebrity and asking for his autograph. But the signature I need the most is very important. I need it so my name can be endorsed by the senate and I can attend the graduation ceremony this year.

Ahh.. this is sooo tiring.

Another thing makes me a bit down lately. I am jobless, I attended a job interview about 2 months ago, and still I haven't receive any answer. no yes, no no, no nothing. I dont know where to ask.

I dont know, whether I shall wait or shall I send application to others. Btw, I have sent one today. Not a position I always dream about. But, hey.. I cant demand much nowadays. I need job.

I reconsider the lab demonstrator position. My options are; Systematics or Microbiology or both or neither. Systematics has serious payment issue. So I think I am going to drop it. But I like Systematics, I like teach Taxonomy to new students, I like to share my little knowledge in Systematics with others. I even volunteered helping a friend teaching Systematics lab last semester. But the payment is 100% delayed.

Microbiology has minimal payment issue.Well, lets assume it that way. But it is not really my field. I am microbiologically naive. I know little about microbiology. But it also means, it is a good opportunity for me to learn more about microbiology. I think last time I read about microbiology was during my first year in University. That was ages ago.

May be drop both of the subjects all together?

I am still hoping I'll get the job. I know my chance is getting thinner by day. I know it is a very looooonnngg shot. I know if thing is not on my side I will miserably sad.

What next, I must have next plan, just in case, thing is not on my side.

Kelantan may be?

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